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    My brain just automatically corrected Krushelski to add the missing 'ny', never noticed it was gone :). But then, he's not a player you see often. Who the hell is Rene Chapdelaine.....!!! Darius "Kasparitis" - Kasparaitis
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    I have, unfortunately pretty much all of the sites that I can remember from those days don't function (at least the download links appeared to all be dead). That's awesome to hear! I was mostly looking at any available addon, from faces for player profiles and in-game, arenas, goalie gear, arenas, etc. I believe there was also a TV-broadcast add-on as well that altered the in-game overlays to represent whichever broadcast you choose to load. Man do I miss hockey gaming on the PC.
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    To further what Chaos said, I know I joined this forum in 2005, yet did not play online until 2015!! I just wanted to find out more about this game and read up on some tips and exchange info with others that shared my enthusiasm. There are many like I was. BUT!! Once King of 94 came to Toronto, my home city, and I jumped into Live Play, I saw online players in person (and how amazing they are), and THEN I wanted t play online. If Kof94 didn't come to Toronto, I would still probably be sticking to the forums, posting a few times a year, and thinking the whole "online thing" is "too much trouble". Now that I am doing online play, yeah!, I am personally interested in funneling people into playing online. And we need to make that as easy as possible, which is a big part (but not the only reason!) I started this thread. If we build the community as a whole, and make it better and more friendly as a whole, it naturally follows that the Online Community will grow, too. (Unfortunately I lost a lot of steam after I started this thread, lol. But I had a very productive couple weeks.)