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    Been enjoying very low ping while throwing exis with IceCow. So I came up with an idea to organize Classic '94 EURO league online. I only know a few NHL '94 players from the forums located in the old continent (Darko, IceCow, Depch), thus here I am inquiring for all potential players. IceCow might have a couple of players interested and I have maybe 2-5 friends who could play. Let me know, if you know potential players from Europe, and I'll update the post accordingly and reach out to those mentioned. Also need to get in touch with league / site admins what it takes and if it's possible to use the site for this new league. If you are new to online NHL 94 gaming, it doesn't matter! More experienced players could draft their teams last. Confirmed Darko (France) Flanders / SunPhinx (Finland) IceCow (Germany) jmj (Finland) KurtVogel / Vestu (Finland) PeaRate (France) Meka (Finland) Jwebber64 (Taiwan) Murjaani (Finland) Maybe MrSandman Reached out, not confirmed swos floating nahkahomo Not participating Depch ... MORE TO COME - let's see how many players we can get LET'S AIM TO START THE LEAGUE IN APRIL 2018 EURO94 channel, plz join https://discord.gg/2AU9Ewe
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    This thread will be my notes and attempt to expand NHL'95 to a 34 team ROM. Before I start, I'd like to thank @wboy, @slapshot67, and @smozoma up front, as just about all of my hacking knowledge has come from them. I will try to give credit where appropriate, but 95% of this will be one of those guys. So my initial thoughts are as follows: Expand the '95 ROM from 2MB to 4MB to create room for more teams, graphics: Not needed, enough empty space to use in 2MB. Also going over 2MB creates RAM issues. Find the team data and move it to a new spot in the expanded ROM. Create data for 34 teams: DONE! Change the team pointers to the new data: DONE! "Decompress" graphics (logos, banners, player cards, etc.) - DONE! Change pointers to the new graphics - DONE! Make '95 recognize the new teams/graphics, able to select in menu - DONE! Figure out how the season data works, incorporate into 34 teams - WIP Same with trade player and other unknown '95 stuff ADD: Music, figure out how to make sure the music works for new teams - DONE! So here goes. I expect this to be a pretty long project, with many bumps along the way, but ultimately fun.
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    Hello everybody I'm editing a rom based upon the Swiss hockey league, season 94-95. In this time the swiss league had stars like Kamensky, Chelios, Gilmour, Quinn, Sjodin, Yushkevich, Bykov, Khomutov, Johansson play into it. I'm done with the rosters, the player's pictures and the jerseys. I'm needing some help to edit the central ice. I would like to get neutral ice, I mean no logo on the central faceoff, for all teams. The screen at the beginning would also need some change, as well as the in-game names for Lausanne HC, which replaced Geneva-Servette at the time. If anybody could help me for one or more things, that would be great. I have no idea how to do these three things. Thank you!!!!!! My rom is uploaded right here. LNA 94-95.bin
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    I might be interested. If I have the time I could join in. I still want to try the regular classic but the timezone is kinda hard to get some games played.
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    Also some cool differences in branding. I have the Original NHL Hockey with EASN and EA Sports Branding. Same thing with NHLPA 93 plus I had an NHLPA 93 cart that had EA Sports as a splash screen instead of the normal EASN spinning pucks. I sent that one to Slapshot. EASN branding had some issues with a little company known as ESPN, which forced the change to just EA. Personally I have: NHL 94 (x4) NHLPA93 (x4) NHL Hockey (x4) NHL 95 and best of all an everdrive with all my Historic roms.