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    Hello everybody I'm editing a rom based upon the Swiss hockey league, season 94-95. In this time the swiss league had stars like Kamensky, Chelios, Gilmour, Quinn, Sjodin, Yushkevich, Bykov, Khomutov, Johansson play into it. I'm done with the rosters, the player's pictures and the jerseys. I'm needing some help to edit the central ice. I would like to get neutral ice, I mean no logo on the central faceoff, for all teams. The screen at the beginning would also need some change, as well as the in-game names for Lausanne HC, which replaced Geneva-Servette at the time. If anybody could help me for one or more things, that would be great. I have no idea how to do these three things. Thank you!!!!!! My rom is uploaded right here. LNA 94-95.bin
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    I found the perfect controller for this tournament location. (For the price, it might be worth it just for the Genesis->SNES adapter included) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Beeshu-JET-FIGHTER-CONTROLLER-For-Super-Nintendo-Sega-Genesis-w-SNES-adapter/222828101590?hash=item33e196ffd6:g:2yUAAOSws0Jaem40
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    LNA 94-95cib.bin I still gotta work on that Lausanne Banner. Let me know what you think, I also put in team overall and advantages. I just made everything EVEN.
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    Even though I suck I'll be there, Draisaitl Germany jersey and all
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    Took a break from team graphics to update the intro screen.