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    (v1.2 - update June 29 2009) Here is a program that applies the Weight Bug Fix to your ROM. It has a few options: 1. Apply the Weight Bug Fix hack + another hack that makes the game record Checks-For and Checks-Against for each player 2. Apply just the weight bug fix hack, or 3. Apply just the record Checks-For and Checks-Against hack. NHL94WeightBugFix1.2.zip (There is a side-effect with the "Checks-For and Checks-Against" hack: it overwrites the PIM stat with CkF (checks for), so if you have a stat system like GDL/Blitz, then you need to manually count PIM for each player using the penalty summary.) ------------------------------------------------------------ For those interested, here are my notes on how to do the weight bug fix. There is the 'simple' weight bug fix, and the 'improved weight bug fix' which combines a player's weight and checking attributes to decide whether a check will work. The program above only does the 'improved weight bug fix'. a line of code in my notes might look like this: 52 28 01 1C -- ADDQ.B #1,$011C(A0) -- increment check value 52 28 01 1C is the actual code that you put in the ROM using a hex editor ADDQ.B #1,$011C(A0) is what the hex code translates to in assembly code increment check value is my description of what the code/instruction does If you open an NHL94 ROM in a hex editor and go to the end, you'll see a bunch of "FFFFFF...". This is empty space in the ROM. I use this empty space to add new code to the ROM. When I want to change the behaviour of the original code, I overwrite the original code with code that tells the ROM to look at my code at the end of the ROM (using a "JSR" instruction). My code then does what I want to do (like add 1 check to a player who did a check). Then at the end of my code, I jump back to place after my "JSR" instruction, to keep doing whatever the game was doing before. When a fix adds code at the end of the ROM, let "gggggggg" or "gg:gggg" be the location of the unused code section of the ROM (the "FF" bytes, so gggggggg is where those FFs start. For example, 00fffac2 for a 28-team ROM and 01E2af2 for a 30-team ROM). The last number should always be even (0,2,4,6,8,A,C,E). ================================================================================ SIMPLE WEIGHT BUG FIX - CHECKING BASED ONLY ON WEIGHT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This hack doesn't involve using the empty space at the end of the ROM. You just need to change 2 values in the original ROM (switch 2a and 2b). Easiest hack ever! (A2) is the info array of the player getting checked (A3) is the info array of the player trying to check @ 01:3D72 (NHL '94) or 00:FF40 (NHLPA '93) ::Old:: 90 2b 00 67 - SUB.B #$0067(A3),D0 - sub guy checking's (wgt*8) d0 2a 00 67 - ADD.B #$0067(A2),D0 - add guy getting checked (wgt*8) ::New:: 90 2a 00 67 - SUB.B #$0067(A2),D0 - sub guy getting checked (wgt*8) d0 2b 00 67 - ADD.B #$0067(A3),D0 - add guy checking's (wgt*8) ================================================================================ IMPROVED WEIGHT BUG FIX - CHECKING BASED ON WEIGHT AND CHECKING ATTRIBUTE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (A2) is the info array of the player getting checked (A3) is the info array of the player trying to check Make sure the bytes at 01:3D70 are E3 40 @ 01:3D72 ::Old:: 90 2b 00 67 -- SUB.B #$0067(A3),D0 -- sub guy checking's (wgt*8) d0 2a 00 67 -- ADD.B #$0067(A2),D0 -- add guy getting checked (wgt*8) ::New:: 4e b9 gggg gggg -- JSR $(empty code) 4e 71 -- NOP @ gg:gggg ::Old:: FF FF FF FF ... ::New:: 3F 01 -- MOVE.W D1,-(A7) -- push d1 90 2a 00 67 -- SUB.B #$0067(A2),D0 -- sub guy getting checked (wgt*8) -- (let x = current value of d0, which is $78 or $F0) 12 2B 00 67 -- MOV.B #$0067(A3),D1 -- d1 = ckr wgt -- d1 = wgt*8 E2 01 -- ASR.B #1,D1 -- d1 /= 2 -- d1 = wgt*4 D0 01 -- ADD.B D1, D0 -- d0 += d1 -- d0 = x + wgt*4 E2 01 -- ASR.B #1,D1 -- d1 /= 2 -- d1 = wgt*2 D0 01 -- ADD.B D1, D0 -- d0 += d1 -- d0 = x + wgt*6 12 2B 00 75 -- MOV.B #$0075(A3),D1 -- d1 = ckr chk -- d1 = chk*5+0.5 (the bonus averages about 0.5) E3 01 -- ASL.B #1,D1 -- d1 *= 2 -- d1 = chk*10+1 D0 01 -- ADD.B D1, D0 -- d0 += d1 -- d0 = x + wgt*6 + chk*10+1 04 00 00 0E -- SUBI.B #$0E, D0 -- d0 -= 14 -- d0 = x + wgt*6 + chk*10+1 - 14 32 1F -- MOVE.W (A7)+,D1 -- pop d1 4e 75 -- RTS You can change the value subtracted with the SUBI.B to make it harder or easier to check, overall. Subtract less to make it easier to check, subtract more to make it harder. I chose 14 because it made the average of the formula equal to the average wgt*8. wgt*8 is the check resistance of the players. ================================================================================ CHECK STATS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This replaces the PIM stat in the Player Stats screen with CHK (checks) per player. It also adds a Checks Against stat per player (overwriting the original hidden check stat). (A0) is $C6CE or $CA32, the start of the home or away team stats, respectively. (A2) is the info array of the player getting checked (A3) is the info array of the player giving the check Replace "PIM" text with "CHK" in Player Stats screen. @ 00:993F ::Old:: 50 49 4D -- PIM -- ASCII text "PIM" ::New:: 43 48 4B -- CHK -- ASCII text "CHK" Replace the "increment team and player check count" with a jump to custom code: @ 01:4130 ::Old:: 52 68 00 10 -- ADDQ.W #1,$0010(A0) 42 40 -- CLR.W D0 10 2B 00 66 -- MOVE.b $0066(A3),D0 -- d0 = player index/offset in team D0 C0 -- ADDA.W D0,A0 -- a0 += player index/offset 52 28 01 1C -- ADDQ.B #1,$011C(A0) -- increment check value (we can change the value of A0 because it isn't used later until reset to another value) ::New:: 4e b9 gggg gggg -- JSR $gggggggg 4e 71 4e 71 -- NOP, NOP 4e 71 4e 71 -- NOP, NOP 4e 71 Here is our custom code: @ hh:hhhh ::Old:: FF FF FF FF ... ::New:: 1. Increment team check count 52 68 00 10 -- ADDQ.W #1,$0010(A0) -- inc team check count for the Game Stats -- screen (checks after the whistle count) 2. If the game is halted (whistle blown), branch to skip recording individual checks 08 39 00 00 00 ff c2 ea -- BTST #0,($00FFC2EA) -- if the bit not 0, we will branch 66 00 00 2A -- BNE $002A -- branch to the RTS to skip checks after whistle (NOTE: if you want to also not count checks after the whistle in the Game Stats screen, then move the "1." code below "2." and change "66 00 00 2A" to "66 00 00 2E") 3. Increment check (for) count for individual players 42 40 -- CLR.W D0 10 2B 00 66 -- MOVE.b $0066(A3),D0 -- d0 = player index (offset in team) D0 C0 -- ADDA.W D0,A0 -- a0 += player index 52 28 01 02 -- ADDQ.B #1,$0102(A0) -- increment check value 4. Increment check (against) count for individual players 90 C0 -- SUBA.W D0, A0 -- undo the ADDA.W above 90 FC 03 64 -- SUBA.W #$0364,A0 -- back up A0 to Home Players stat array B7 CA -- CMPA.L a2,a3 -- cmp a3-a2 (cmp checker-checkee) 6E 00 00 06 -- BGT #$0006 -- if a3-a2 is positive, it's a check against -- a home player, so skip next instruction D0 FC 06 C8 -- ADDA.W #$06C8,A0 -- go to Away Players stat array 42 40 -- CLR.W D0 -- set D0 to zero 10 2A 00 66 -- MOV.B #$0066(A2),D0 -- set D0 = player index of checked player D0 C0 -- ADDA.W D0,A0 -- a0 += player index 52 28 01 1C -- ADDQ.B #1,$011C(A0) -- increment check against value 5. return 4e 75 -- RTS Don't write PIM stat -- we're using that memory for check stats! @ 01:2302 ::Old:: D5 32 00 00 -- ADD.B D2,$00(A2,D0) ::New:: 4E 71 4E 71 -- NOP NOP ================================================================================ -- Explanation: In the "Simple" version of the weight bug fix, the 2 lines of code being edited are below (SUB.B and ADD.B instructions). When the game first starts, it takes each player's weight, multiplies it by 8, and stores it somewhere, then it uses that value when doing checking. This code retrieves those values and does a calculation with them to decide if the check succeeds or not. Here, I have Gretzky (weight=4, so 8*4=32) trying to check Muller (weight=9, so 8*9=72) (note: D0 is a register(like a variable) with an initial value of 240) 90 2B 00 67 :: SUB.B $0067(A3),D0 -- D0 = D0-8*(gretz's wgt) -- D0 = 240 - 32 = 208 -- (for mcsorley it would be D0 = 240 - 112 = 128) -- (A3) points to information about Gretzky and $0067 means to get his wgt*8 value D0 2A 00 67 :: ADD.B $0067(A2),D0 -- D0 = D0+8*(muller's wgt) -- D0 = 208 + 72 = 280 -- but since 280 is too big (this is a Byte command, so max 255), it becomes: -- D0 = 208 + 72 = 24 -- (had it been mcsorley trying to check: D0 = 128 + 8*9 = 200) -- (A2) points to information about Muller and $0067 means to get his wgt*8 value After this, it divides the result by 2, then does some stuff I don't understand! The fix just swiches (A2) and (A3) in the instructions. -- I played gr8199kings a few games with a ROM with this fix, and it works. Guys like McSorley and Lemieux are tough to knock down. Guys like Gretzky are easy to knock down, but because low weight makes guys turn and accelerate better, it's very hard to catch him to check him with a big, lumbering, slow guy who can check well. Whether this actually improves the fun factor of the game or not is another matter.. You can download a ROM with the fix in it here
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    You're best better off getting an Everdrive cart, which is a cart that can store thousands of ROMs on it. Then whenever a new ROM is releasd, you can update your Everdrive cart very easily. Everdrive site: https://krikzz.com/store/
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    I've been typing up notes over the last few days as I can to try and capture my thoughts as fresh as I can, so here they are! First, many thanks to @King of 94' WI for organizing this event. He has been a great member of this community, embracing the game, helping others during classic, as well as stepping up his own level of play in a relatively short period of time. Putting together an event like this is no small task -- getting a location, procuring the equipment, promoting, figuring out structure, setting up, taking down, etc. requires a lot of work. Trojan was relentless in his promotions, even creating a promo video (!), and ran a wonderful tournament. Somewhere during that time, he welcomed another baby to his family! Most people can barely function in life after that, so major stick tap for all those months of work! The BEST part of any of these live tournaments is meeting up/hanging out with all the guys that I've come to know over the years, and meeting some people for the first time. After every tournament, it's always something I wish I had more time to do! Some quick shout outs to these guys, in the order that I remember running into them: @IAmFleury'sHipCheck - One of the original '94 legends (GDL 02 champ!) that truly has a love and passion for this game and community. He was gracious enough to drive me 2 mins away to McDonald's for a late meal when I arrived (McD's closed at 10pm, but drive-thru was open until 11pm), and picked up a sack of cheeseburgers for everyone else who was playing the Friday Tecmo tourney/'94 exis. He hooked up a Genesis in his room for late night exis, lent us the Genesis the next night for MOAR exis, gave me a protective case for my '94 sealed copy (thanks again), and generally played until he could no longer keep his eyes open! I was glad we got to play some exis, and at least one tournament game, but he definitely got the draw from hell in the Genesis tournament (explained later). @Arda Ocal - Our celebrity retro video game fan, Arda really adds a lot of fun and character to these events, promotes and creates excitement all day. Simply can't say enough about what he does for this community, and on top of all of that, he's just an awesome dude to hang out with! He may have been a part of establishing a 4 man record fro NHL'96...TBD. @CoachMac - So happy Coach made it out to Green Bay for the event. As usual he dropped some old school hockey knowledge on everyone, crushed it at '94, was amazing doing commentary, and just overall a blast to hang out with. @angryjay93 - Doesn't get any better than this guy competing. The most traveled '94 player made it out again to defend his KO'94 WI title. From the "storybook" mode, he was the guy I wanted to play as he knocked me out in Vegas, but overall I just enjoy that level of competition that he brings. I wish I had gotten some more time to play exis and talk, but the days go by so quickly! @RetroSportsGamer - Tom, aka the RetroSportsGamer. Was great to meet you in person, and absolutely loved the stream you had set up for the tournament (looking forward to watching more). I encourage all to subscribe to his YouTube channel, he's keeping tabs on the retro scene! - The Retro Sports Gamer (YouTube link) @jer_33- Missed this guy at Vegas, so was awesome to catch up here in WI. Talked hockey, curling, Canada, and got to team up to go undefeated in 2v2 at night! We also may have been a part of establishing a 4 man record for NHL'96...TBD. @corbettkb - Texas Pachyderm! He was my main exi opponent going into the tournament and knew how dangerous he could be. Aside from '94 related talk (which is always great with fellow enthusiasts), it was just fun to hang out, drink some Spotted Cow beer, shoot the breeze. @Coffey - Rocking the Pat Verbeek Detroit Red Wings jersey, it was great to hang out and chat. Nice that you were able to just be a player/spectator for the first time without having to worry about streaming/production equipment! Amazing insights to Twin Galaxies history, and the fact that it was HE who started this whole '94 world record recognition on this site from this post. I'm looking forward to watching the new stream location for Settle It On The Screen (you should all check it out): https://www.twitch.tv/settleitonthescreen @Kevin Cabarello - Not exactly a '94 member specifically, Kevin is just a retro gamer who has been at all these events. First got to hang out with Kevin in Vegas and it was nice to see him again here! @smozoma - One of my personal '94 heroes, I was happy to see him make the trip from Canada for this event. Just like the rest of the guys I mentioned, I always appreciate the time hanging out during these events and rooting for my friends to win. Some amazing games vs AJ (both in SNES and Genesis), it was fun to watch. @Tyler Votaw - Turns out I played a test game with him a while back and now he's here for the '94 tournament! Was great to meet you and play some great '94 games all weekend. Also rocked some 2v2 and he may have been part of establishing a 4 man record for NHL'96...TBD. @LeifErikson - Sooo cool for Leif to bring that awesome NHL'94 themed cabinet to the tournament! I didn't even realize at first that the guy I was talking to wearing the '96 Penguins jersey was you! Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to play some exis or tournament matches against you, but I DID have to play Leif Jr. in my Genesis Round Robin play! Special shout out to Leif jr, who stopped what was supposed to be my 5th goal with an amazing manual goalie save in the 3rd, to keep me at 4-0! Kid is 10, btw; an awesome little dude who seemed to really be enjoying himself all day. Great again to see you guys there, I hope to be able to meet up again one day. THE REST - Great crowd overall! Nice to meet Moe Man and TheShield specifically, local players better known for their Tecmo prowess, but'94 players as well. We got to enjoy some cold ones after the festivities at the nearby sports bar. Okay...now the actual tournament. Loved the room full of CRT setups, there was enough systems to go around and keep things moving. @King of 94' WI kicking it off with the Canada and US national anthems was pretty damn cool. And Dan Rafferty playing the organ throughout the day was an 11 out of 10. Can't say enough how amazing that was. The music choices were fantastic, and if you were playing on the streamed game, Dan would do the Dragnet music on a penalty, etc. He was also having a good time, and it just created an amazing atmosphere for the opening of the games. Going into the SNES bracket, we knew none of the top SNES players were able to make the tournament (Bob K, Annatar, Jamil, etc) and it was likely going to be AJ and me going deep as we had the most SNES experience out of the group. I had gotten pretty good at SNES leading up to the Vegas tournament in September and I took over a team in Fall Classic to give me some more reps against the big dogs. Still, you never knew what was going to happen since a lot of Genesis skills transfer to SNES. Group play was a nice way to break the ice, but since we all made the brackets, I don't think much changed from group play to brackets. My bracket run was pretty uneventful to the finals (no disrespect to others). I did enjoy the semifinals vs Trojan when I ended up with the NJ Devils, put in Ken Daneyko, and had Arda and CoachMac doing the play by play. I got to play against Ken Daneyko in the Prudential Center on the jumbotron back in December thanks to Arda, so this was fun to put him in the game. AND he made the last two game winning checks to stave off Trojan's Montreal attack! Videos can be found here via the links that @jer_33 posted above. The big upset in the SNES bracket was smozoma taking out AngryJay93 in the quarterfinals. It went down to game 03 in a best of 03, Smozoma was leading by one goal in the 3rd period when AJ ties it with ONE SECOND LEFT! An amazing feat to tie the game. Smozoma keeps his composure and wins it in OT to complete the upset. Smozoma also took out corbettkb in the semis to face me in the finals. I had smozoma’s number on defense in our series, and with a little bit of luck, kept him scoreless in our two games to win the SNES championship. It felt great to win the tourney, but the focus was still on winning the Genesis brackets. Given the SNES tournament took longer than anticipated, we went straight into the Genesis tournament. We also had some unexpected drops, so in an attempt to quickly re-seed everybody, Trojan ran a 3 game swiss-style round robin. I think the intention was good, but ended up with some different-than-expected seeds. My first match was against EA! Having just played about 4-5 hours of SNES, EA was one of the last guys I wanted to play my first Genesis match against. Knowing that it was just for seeding purposes (can’t be eliminated) made me feel slightly better, but it was very tough. We played back and forth for 2 periods, and I pulled away slightly in the 3rd to win by 2. I think the final was something crazy like 8-6 or 9-7. We picked Vancouver Calgary, I believe. My 2nd swiss opponent was none other than CoachMac! Another ‘94 veteran who (by his own admission) was playing better than ever. I won the toss and chose New York Islanders and Washington Capitals. Coach decides to roll with the Capitals. After about 1 minute of play I realize that I have a major cold team/momentum/disadvantage/whatever going and it doesn’t seem to be changing. I went down 2-0 early and said “I’m probably not going to win this game”. Coach was playing extremely patient, not making any silly mistakes with the goalie. I couldn’t complete a pass to Hogue, and Turgeon’s slappers looked like he was using a foam stick to shoot the puck, so I continued struggling go get anything going. If I remember correctly, we were in the 3rd period knotted up at 5, when Coach wristed one past Healy to go up by 1 with about 1 minute left. I threw everything I had at the end, but Coach held me off to go 2-0 in his swiss RR and I was now 1-1, with a low goal differential. I knew then that the brackets were going to be strange, with me going 1-1 and EA (likely) 1-1 as well. My 3rd and final opponent was Brock, aka LeifErikson jr, who was 10 years old. I wanted to win 5-0, and before I knew it we were in the 3rd period with about a minute to go and I was up only 4-0 (we had a good conversation about RoBlox). I thought I had a sure one-timer, but he manuals to make quite a great save! It was truly fun to play, and fun to chat with him, I sure hope he enjoyed his time at the tourney. SO, as expected, we had some surprise seeds in the bracket. The first thing I noticed is that I was the 11th seed, playing the number 6 seed, who was none other than CoachMac! Well, having just lost to him a few minutes ago, I knew I needed to wake up quickly! Luckily I downed a large coffee a few minutes ago and it started kicking in. Our games were on the main FB stream, so the replays should be available. Coach, as the higher seed, picked MTL and NYR to start, and I unexpectedly chose MTL, not giving Patrick Roy to Coach. I went up 8-0 and Coach put in the NYR enforcers at the end to knock some of those Canadiens around, but survived and gave Roy the shutout. I chose two high powered teams in Buffalo and Vancouver for game 02, and took out my friend in the round of 16. It never feels good, but Coach always has fun and also put in the May Day line for Buffalo to send a message to those pesky Canucks in the 3rd period! Ggs Coach, I always root for you at these tournies, but two times now I had to be the one to knock you out. Meanwhile, in the “bracket from hell”, EA ended up as the 16th seed and had to face the #1 seed AJ in the opening round of 16! To me, this should have been a featured matchup, but it wasn’t on the streams. They had started playing their first game during my matchup with Coach, so I caught the end of their first match where AJ won 4-1 using Edmonton vs Philly. I scrambled to get my phone and realized that I could stream directly from my phone on Twitch, so I managed to snag the 3rd period between their 2nd game, AJ using Dallas and EA Calgary. https://youtu.be/ilSn3hLPWIw Really wish we had captured this one more, that was high level ‘94. AJ wins 3-1, the one goal I captured was a deflected pass into a goal, so tight defense on both sides there. Things were moving quickly, so my next opponent was corbettkb, which was the quarterfinal match. I was anticipating playing him in semis or finals, but the way it shook out we were set to duel now. I had played a bunch of exhibition games online vs corbettkb leading up to the tournament and knew he could win 2 out of 3 against me. He's done it before, and in general he is very tough to beat. He was the higher seed and chose Florida vs San Jose. I took San Jose as I felt they were better skilled than Florida, if ever so slightly. We played a pretty tight match, a bounce here or there and things could have been different, but I took the first game 3-1. The second game I chose Toronto and Dallas. I was pretty sure corbettkb would take Dallas, and I was okay with that. For some reason I do very well with Toronto, even though I don’t particularly like the makeup of the team. And if he went with Toronto, I was happy to fly with Russ and Modano. I don’t remember the score, but I don’t think it was a particularly close game. We have 1 period on stream before Facebook cutoff at the 4 hour mark, and I was very fortunate to have Potvin make a stop late in the 1st to be up 2-0. Always good games vs. corbettkb, another guy I’d always root for if he wasn’t playing me! Because things had to move along quickly, I played TheShield in the semifinals at the same time that smozoma was playing AJ. I had wanted to watch that match, especially after smozoma took AJ out in SNES, but was only able to catch the end of the game. Meanwhile TheShield was the higher seed, so he chose Florida vs Ottawa. I generally don’t like these matchups, but went with Florida to have the use of Gord Murphy. Now, TheShield was definitely the beneficiary of the swiss group play, making it to the semis. He’s a great dude, great Tecmo player, but not known for his ‘94. I took game 01 10-2. I chose Boston vs LA for game 02, and TheShield took the Kings. He scored the first goal, but I ended up winning that game 9-2, cruising to the finals. I caught the end of the smozoma/AJ game 02, where AJ won 4-0 with SJ over Florida. I will watch those matches on The Retro Sports Gamer YouTube stream sometime soon. Anyway, AJ was battling some food poisoning from something he ate earlier, so I wasn’t entirely sure he was going to be able to play. That dude popped an Advil and said “let’s go”, and we were set for the rematch from Vegas just a few months earlier. I was definitely excited and nervous; AJ was going to be the toughest guy I faced all night, and he beat me 4 straight the last time we met! As usual with a finals game, we had a good crowd around us, with Arda and Trojan calling the game. AJ was the higher seed, so he started things off with a Quebec vs Montreal game. Now, I don’t like either of these teams in particular, but I felt that Montreal was the stronger of the two teams, and I LOVE having Roy in net. However, I really don’t like using Montreal. Plus, nothing is by accident with AJ. Having thought about it for what seemed like forever, I went with Montreal. I honestly don’t remember much of the game. I remember winning, and it was close as always, but not VERY close. I have to go back and watch the game footage. Game 02 I decided to go with Vancouver and Buffalo, same as I did vs. Coach. My thought here was to “out-offense” AJ, if possible. I love both these teams, and was hoping for Vancouver. I don’t think I’ve lost with Vancouver in a live event. However, AJ took Vancouver, which was fine because Buffalo is a pretty high powered team as well and I could cause a lot of damage with Mogs. Shmelik/Bodger would be a good CB defensive pair against those high-flying Canucks, however, I couldn’t take Svoboda out of the game. I had every intention, but when the edit lines came up, I just left him there. Again, I was going to focus more on the offense, so maybe I didn’t want to overthink the defense. All I remember from this game was exchanging goals back and forth all the way through, but never being able to take the lead. I threw the kitchen sink, including making a bunch of ridiculous pass shots to keep up. Most notably one late pass shot by 89 that even I was surprised went in, lol. Nonetheless, AJ “out-offensed” me in this one, winning 7-6. Coin flip and I win. My strategy from game 02 didn’t necessarily work (or really fail), and I thought it’d be exciting to continue with high powered teams again. This time I go with Chicago and Detroit. I wanted Chicago here, having just played a Classic season with them I was most comfortable, and the best matchup with Chicago in case AJ went with them was Detroit (I wanted to leave Buffalo and Vancouver off as we just used them). AJ immediately picked Detroit, and I was good with that. I LOVE Smith/Chelios/Belfour on D, and figured I could pick apart Cheveldae with JR. I sub in Rutuu for some more defense. I mean, what’s not to love about Chicago lineup? Plus I was home, in case there was some home ice benefits. However, in exchange for that deal I had to arm AJ with Yzerman, Fedorov, Dino, and Coffey. Yikes, here we go. I remember scoring 2 quick goals early, and I honestly felt like AJ was struggling at the beginning of this game. It’s hard enough mentally to play at a high level, and to be dealing with any stomach issue, no matter how small, will throw you off. Well, any sympathy I felt for AJ stopped once he knocked JR out for the game somewhere early in the 1st period! Chicago’s forwards severely drop off after JR, so I really remember thinking I had to rely on my defense. But damn, AJ had arguably the most potent offense out there! I don’t remember much else until the end of the 2nd period. I was up 5-1, and I remember thinking I have a 4 goal lead with one period to go, with a solid D...just focus. Weeellllllll, AJ had something to say about that. He came out in the 3rd on fire, relentlessly pushing and being much more aggressive on defense, and I remember he scored 3 unanswered early and I was reeling. I wasn’t panicked, because I knew this was possible, but man I felt a whole lot better 2 minutes earlier! The crowd was screaming at the comeback, and it was an electrifying atmosphere. I felt the pressure mounting as I was trying to hold onto my lead, and really unable to muster anything offensively as AJ was stifling my attempts. I scored a late goal to seal the deal at 6-4, in a thrilling finish to a tournament. Always the class act at these live events, AJ let me know “I earned that one”, which I appreciated. I was very happy to win the tournament, obviously, and glad that the games ended up being exciting. We shutdown rather quickly afterwards as we were over our time at the venue, went to local watering hole to have a few drinks. Ended the night playing some 2v2 at the hotel, watching the gold medal Olympic match OT between Russia/Germany, and finally trying to set a ‘96 4-man world record, which was hilarious because none of knew how to play, stay onside, or score. I am looking forward to watching some of that footage from both streams and thinking ahead to the next tournament, which will likely be the one I run with Chaos and Evan in Long Island in August. Thanks again for an awesome live tournament, and especially to all the good buds who took the time, money, effort to make it out last weekend. Cheers!
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    When I find some time, I'd like to post the match-ups recorded on the streams for future reference. Also want to mention that I really like to look of Tom's stream, the retro design looks awesome. Brackets: Challonge (SNES Bracket) [link] Challonge (SEGA Swiss) [link] Challonge (SEGA Bracket) [link] Streams: Retro Sports Gamer Channel - Youtube - (SNES) [link] 0:02:40 - Matt S. @ @Green Majik (SNES - Round Robin Game PIT@LAK) [link] 0:15:34 - @angryjay93 @ Tom S. (SNES - Round Robin Game DET@CHI) [link] 0:30:14 - @angryjay93 @ @Green Majik (SNES - Round Robin Game NJD@EDM) [link] 0:44:35 - Tom S. @ Matt S. (SNES - Round Robin Game LAK@CHI) [link] 0:56:00 - @angryjay93 @ Matt S. (SNES - Round Robin Game SJS@TBY) [link] 1:09:21 - @Green Majik @ Tom S. (SNES - Round Robin Game DET@PIT) [link] 1:22:52 - @Green Majik @ Matt S. (SNES - Round Robin Game WSH@PHI) [link] 1:41:38 - Tom S. @ @Green Majik (SNES - Round Robin Game STL@WPG) [link] 2:50:39 - @Green Majik @ Chewy (SNES - Exi DAL@CHI) [link] 3:13:20 - Chewy @ @jer_33 (SNES - Round of 32 Game 1 QUE@VAN) [link] 3:24:54 - @jer_33 @ Chewy (SNES - Round of 32 Game 2 BUF@CGY) [link] 3:55:48 - @Green Majik @ @Edge of 94' WI (SNES - Round of 16 Game 1 WPG@CGY) [link] 4:12:18 - @Edge of 94' WI @ @Green Majik (SNES - Round of 16 Game 2 SJS@TBY) [link] 4:27:45 - @kevincabarello @ @Edge of 94' WI (SNES - Round of 8 Game 1 STL@HFD) [link] 4:41:20 - @Edge of 94' WI @ @kevincabarello (SNES - Round of 8 Game 2 NYR@DET) [link] 5:05:27 - @smozoma @ @corbettkb (SNES - Semifinals Game 1 VAN@BUF * bonus OT period) [link] 5:23:11 - @corbettkb @ @smozoma (SNES - Semifinals Game 2 BOS@LAK) [link] True Game Fans Network - Facebook Live - (SNES Bracket) [link] 0:19:00 - coachmac / kevincabarello (DET@CHI) 2:06:00 - Arda O. @ Graham T. (SNES - Round of 32 Game 1 LAK@CGY) 2:18:24 - Graham T. @ Arda O. (SNES - Round of 32 Game 2 CHI@BUF) 2:28:25 - Matt S. @@Edge of 94' WI (SNES - Round of 32 Game 1 SJS@ANH) 2:40:00 -@Edge of 94' WI @ Matt S. (SNES - Round of 32 Game 2 SJS@ANH) 3:08:00 - @CoachMac @ @jer_33 (SNES - Round of 16 Game 1 MTL@EDM) 3:20:40 - @jer_33 @ @CoachMac (SNES - Round of 16 Game 2 BOS@DET) 3:36:14 - @smozoma @ @angryjay93 (SNES - Round of 8 Game 1 CGY@CHI *3rd per. audio only) 3:48:00 - @angryjay93 @ @smozoma (SNES - Round of 8 Game 2 PIT@BOS *audio only) 3:59:00 - @smozoma @ @angryjay93 (SNES - Round of 8 Game 3 VAN@WPG *brief audio) True Game Fans Network - Facebook Live - (SNES Finals - SEGA Swiss) [link] 0:42:00 - @smozoma @ @kingraph (SNES Finals Game 1 BUF@CHI) 0:56:30 - @kingraph @ @smozoma (SNES Finals Game 2 NJD@HFD) 1:40:00 - @jer_33 @ Moe Man (SEGA - Swiss Round 1 DAL@WSH) 1:56:00 - @King of 94' WI @ @Green Majik (SEGA - Swiss Round 2 DAL@NYR) 2:22:55 - Moe Man @ @LeifErikson (SEGA - Swiss Round 3 BUF@LAK) 2:35:00 - @Green Majik @ @Coffey (SEGA - Swiss Round 3 LAK@DET) 2:55:00 - @kingraph @ @CoachMac (SEGA - Round of 16 Game 1 MTL@NYR) 3:08:30 - @CoachMac @ @kingraph (SEGA - Round of 16 Game 2 BUF@VAN) 3:41:20 - @kingraph @ @corbettkb (SEGA - Round of 8 Game 1 SJS@FLA) 3:56:00 - @corbettkb @ @kingraph (SEGA - Round of 8 Game 2 DAL@TOR *1st per. only) Retro Sports Gamer Channel - Youtube - (SEGA) [link] 0:01:48 - @kevincabarello @ Tom S. (SEGA - Swiss Round 1 CHI@PIT) [link] 0:21:00 - Chewy @ @angryjay93(SEGA - Swiss Round 2 PIT@STL) [link] 0:35:10 - Carter @ Tom S. (SEGA - Swiss Round 2 CHI@DET) [link] 0:50:21 - Chris K. @ Graham (SEGA - Swiss Round 3 CGY@BOS) [link] 1:03:55 - @jer_33 @ Tom S. (SEGA - Swiss Round 3 LAK@PIT) [link] 1:22:40 - @Coffey @ @kevincabarello (SEGA - Round of 16 Game 1 DAL@QUE) [link] 1:34:14 - @kevincabarello @ @Coffey (SEGA - Round of 16 Game 2 DET@LAK) [link] 1:47:54 - @Edge of 94' WI @ @smozoma (SEGA - Round of 16 Game 1 BOS@DAL) [link] 1:59:24 - @smozoma @ @Edge of 94' WI (SEGA - Round of 16 Game 2 EDM@TOR) [link] 2:09:46 - @smozoma @ @Edge of 94' WI (SEGA - Round of 16 Game 3 MTL@CGY) [link] 2:25:26 - @kevincabarello @ @smozoma (SEGA - Round of 8 game 1 DET@VAN) [link] 2:39:11 - @smozoma @ @kevincabarello (SEGA - Round of 8 game 1 DAL@LAK * bonus OT period) [link] 3:15:30 - @smozoma @ @angryjay93 (SEGA - Semifinals Game 1 DET@VAN) [link] 3:26:29 - @angryjay93 @ @smozoma (SEGA - Semifinals Game 2 SJS@FLA) [link] 3:42:09 - @smozoma @ The SHield (SEGA - Battle for 3rd Place NJD@HFD) [link] KingraphNHL94 - Youtube (SEGA) [link] 0:00:00 - @angryjay93 @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (SEGA - Round of 16 Game 2 CGY@DAL *3rd per. only) True Game Fans Network - Facebook Live - (SEGA Bracket) [link] 0:00:00 - @kingraph @ The SHield (SEGA - Semifinals Game 1 FLA@OTT *missing 1st per.) 0:05:33 - The SHield @ @kingraph (SEGA - Semifinals Game 2 LAK@BOS) 0:38:00 - @kingraph @ @angryjay93 (SEGA - Finals Game 1 MTL@QUE) 0:50:20 - @angryjay93 @ @kingraph (SEGA - Finals Game 2 VAN@BUF) 1:03:00 - @kingraph @ @angryjay93 (SEGA - Finals Game 3 DET@CHI) BONUS FEATURES Tom the Retro Gamer interviews @smozoma [link]