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    Body checks work 99% of the time if the checker is two points lighter than the receiver. The exceptions to this are when the receiver has high stick handling (5 or 6), when the receiver has a strong enough home advantage and >=4 stick handling. Sometimes a check just won't have any effect at all. I'm not sure what causes this, but it's a lot more common when you play against the CPU. That is what I consider to be the remaining 1%. Anyone can check anyone, but if the general rule doesn't apply, I'd say it's about a 15% chance. Also, body checks should be done with enough distance between the players. If you are too close when you start your check, you will just brush up against your opponent. When you are very close to someone you want to check, watch the legs of your player, and start your body check when you are on your back leg so you can get enough momentum. This doesn't apply to ALL situations, but usually you can tell when you are too close to body check. Raph summed up the rest.
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    It took my 3 months but I finally did it today. I got the Framemeister and the needed cables!!! Thanks to @chaos for his guidance.
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    We agree that weight seems to be the primary factor in check success. I haven't done the testing, but some of my anecdotal (based on thousands of hours of gameplay, no research) thoughts: * Point of contact, or angle of check is a big factor. A check right to the "chest" of a player will have a much higher success rate than if the player is moving away/sideways. Basically I think of it as a radius of contact for each player and the more in contact (overlap) they are at the time of impact, the greater the checking success. Picture a semi-circle in front of each player, and the more they overlap when they are in a check, the higher the success. * In this way, agility is important as it gives you the ability to dodge quickly and cause your opponent to partially check your player. Or in my radius analogy, one player moves his radius of contact away, so only 50% of that semi-circle is in contact with the other players. * CB has a higher success rate than plain C, or another way to put it I think the weight difference needed is smaller for higher success. Also, I'm pretty sure checking rating factors in here as Coffey (9 wgt, 2 chk) can't CB worth a damn, but Tikkanen (9 wgt, 5 chk) has tremendous CB success. I'd say Tikkanen can take out any 9 weight player with high frequency. * Being near the boards is no mans land. Everyone dies there. Lindros can flatten Fleury. Those are my two cents to add to this thread. I am intrigued about looking at the code though as I've gotten better at deciphering over the last few months with my '95 hack. To be continued...
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    Hey guys, Trade Deadline ROM for 2018 is attached. Excel sheet with team and player ratings also attached. Changes from last version include roster updates, updated player ratings, team ratings (Overall, Home/Away, PP/PK ratings), line combos, added some new player cards, and added new playoff matchups based on this season's current trajectory. 32nd team is still the NHL'94 Hockey Hall of Fame squad. More info below photo gallery... Updated ROM with 2017-18 trade deadline rosters. -This is the 32-team ROM (updated teams, player cards and graphics by Slapshot67) -Updated team rosters for 2017-18 season (rosters and player ratings by Skip) -Weight bug is fixed (heavy guys are harder to knock down), and this ROM uses weight + checking = hitting ability -1 minute penalties (except for injuries = 2 min penalty) -Hot/Cold is accurate in the pre-game screen and in edit lines KNOWN BUG: The menu screen will freeze if the player cards begin to cycle for team #31 - Winnipeg. NOTE: The tourney ROM has continuous OT Zip folder has excel sheet with all players listed, including the NHL94 HHOF All-Stars roster, and Ratings list for all 32 teams. Enjoy! -Skip and Slapshot67 NHL18deadlineSkipSlapshot.bin NHL18deadlineSkipSlapshotTourney.bin NHL18deadline.SkipSlapshot67excel.zip
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    POST YOUR LINEUPS HERE, as your roster fills up. THERE ARE NO PENALTIES, so sub options not needed. Only in an injury.. POST if you know of # doubles and your suggested fix.
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    You got it Neo, there is no spoon
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    Also, while you are shooting and IF you just are receiving a pass can alter the rules greatly. I regularly time my hits as you are getting a pass, and it normally lays the guy out regardless of weight. It's also where you see most of the KO's
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    11.2 - Pens take the young Dominik Hasek.
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    Just an approximate is cool. Casual opinions like: "I think Like 3 on 3 wt, I think 10-20% chance." "But 5 weight checking 3 wt, > 75% chance." "No, I do not think momentum or agility plays a role" "Without CB or near boards, Lindros cannot flatten Theo, ever..." That sort of thing... I know a definitive answer is unlikely. (That is even more-so if you in particular don't have one!)
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    Without analyzing the code, these are going to be difficult questions to get specific answers for, other than experimental observations ("i played a game of whole team wgt 3 vs whole team wgt 4 and 20% of my open-ice checks succeeded.. 15% when i did (something) to the agilities of the teams")
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    Given you helped w/ the ROM and picked about as late as a guy can pick all draft, I think we can work with you here.
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    When are you coming over to play?