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    Live on the set of MSG Hockey Show!
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    Here is the Plablegs 03 ROM (VERSION 02 IS CORRECT): Plablegs03_final_v2.bin * 15 sexy teams belonging to 15 sexy coaches * Player cards for all players on each team! * B-check enabled with penalties off * Static Ratings (no hot/cold boosts/decreases each game) * Home/Away Advantages set to zero * Boosted Goaltenders (except Roy/Belfour): +1 agility and +1 stick/glove from Classic ratings * Shortened Delay for Goalie Control * After whistle checks are not counted * Joe Sakic Title Screen (Season 02 Art Ross Trophy Winner) * Sam Rosen calling the action! * Coors Light (NHL Sponsor) scoreboard logo reminding you to drink a cold one during the game * Tim Horton's (NHL Canada Sponsor) 3 stars of the game. Reminding you to eat a donut after each game: * GOOD LUCK!
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    Also visible in the March 12 th video clips https://www.msgnetworks.com/videos/the-great-goalie-interference-debate/ (Definitely in the "Loyalty/Bandwagon " clip, not sure about the goalie interference clip)
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    @kingraph Sakic on the cover screen....yes!
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    I just collected here NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials: Editors: - Toni Wilen's NHLinfo WNHLINFO.zip for editing rosters, schedule, attributes, graphics etc. - Roster export/import tools by Kiba. - Jersey editor jed301.zip by Anton Jouline. - EA Graphics Editor eage104b.zip, I havent find out this very useful yet, because I dont know how to use it properly but maybe in future... - Time change for 5min periods and overtime by Kiba. - NHL95DBEditor for editing attributes by peruukki. - Old DOS version of Toni Wilen's NHLinfo NHLINFODOS.zip. Collections: - Johan Emanuelsson's collection for editors, rosters, rinks, jerseys etc. Tutorials: - Graphics editing tutorial for changing Scouting Report logos. Same method applies to most of other graphics in game. - Importing rink. - Exporting rink. - Wondering about center ice logos. Findings: - Some hex addresses that I have found. Conversions: - NCAA Hockey 2014 conversion by goodbyeccha. - NHL15 conversion by goodbyeccha. Other stuff: - Roster updates by Golub, 2013-2014, 2011-2012, 2010-2011. - Rosters by Koppe and Jason in this thread. - Roster updates Trade Deadline '11, Trade Deadline '10 Update, 09-10 rosters, Trade Deadline '08-09 update by Triumph. - Rosters 07 by yirmiahu. - NHL Reebok EDGE Jersey Update 2008-2009, by Three Stars. - New rinks by Kiba.
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    That should be fixable, as far as I know. I vaguely recall looking into it last year.. either I never actually finished working on it (I definitely remember putting off looking into it for quite a while) or I missed something or I never actually got around to looking at it.... Unless that was the music...
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    PenguinFan1985, seems that GFXPAK is missing. It is not included in all NHLinfo versions. You can download version 5.72 of WNHLinfo (Latest and same version I am using) from here:
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    Talked to Scott D over there, he is shipping a console to me today for evaluation. I'll do some streaming and offer some raw opinions on it's overall performance.
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    Bumped -- edited original post to fix goalie ratings mistakes and now v2 is the correct ROM. Thanks for the catch @skip! Ratings will match Plablegs draft sheet.
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    Seek and you will find. It is not much harder using TM. If I can do it all you Space Age Dudes with Cell Phones, I-pads, Retro-Pi's, PS7's etc... should be able to figure it out.
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    Scheduling: 5 holers: Winnipeg (Ice) 2 games home vs Blues (Brutus) Winnipeg (Ice) 2 games home vs Dallas (Tex) Blues (Brutus) 2 games home vs Vegas (Raph) Blues (Brutus) 2 games home vs Hartford (Zep) Hartford (Zep) 2 games home vs Winnipeg (Ice) Hartford (Zep) 2 games home vs Dallas (Tex) Vegas (Raph) 2 games home vs Winnipeg (Ice) Vegas (Raph) 2 games home vs Hartford (Zep) Dallas (Tex) 2 games home vs Blues (Brutus) Dallas (Tex) 2 games home vs Vegas (Raph) Crease Cutters: NYR (Lupz) 2 games home vs CHI (Dcicion) NYR (Lupz) 2 games home vs LAK (Aqua) CHI (Dcicion) 2 games home vs Min (Skip) CHI (Dcicion) 2 games home vs COL (J&J) COL (J&J) 2 games home vs NYR (Lupz) COL (J&J) 2 games home vs LAK (Aqua) Min (Skip) 2 games home vs NYR (Lupz) Min (Skip) 2 games home vs COL (J&J) LAK (Aqua) 2 games home vs CHI (Dcicion) LAK (Aqua) 2 games home vs Min (Skip) One Timers: CGY (Chaos) 2 games home vs HAM (Atomic) CGY (Chaos) 2 games home vs PHI (Chef) HAM (Atomic) 2 games home vs TOR (Jer33) HAM (Atomic) 2 games home vs PIT (Adam) PIT (Adam) 2 games home vs CGY (Chaos) PIT (Adam) 2 games home vs PHI (Chef) TOR (Jer33) 2 games home vs CGY (Chaos) TOR (Jer33) 2 games home vs PIT (Adam) PHI (Chef) 2 games home vs HAM (Atomic) PHI (Chef) 2 games home vs TOR (Jer33) Play in division 3 games, 2 at home and 1 on the road = 12 games (4x3). Play everyone out of division, 1 at home and 1 on the road = 20 games (10 x 2). Total games = 32 games.
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    This is awesome!!! Thanks @kingraph!!!!
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    Hahha. Awesome! High school nickname finally paying off!
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    Welcome to the site! Lots of good people on discord to help out, so feel free to ask questions there. I think Hilite Reel Khalil might one of the best names I've seen on here. Glad to see you've taken interest in the King of 94 tournament. Feel free to pose any questions here
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    I use Nose and EARE for ROM editing. Other programs are used for the graphics stuff but I don't do that myself.
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    Get it here: http://www.oldgames.sk/download.php?filedownload=8637(STIAHNUĆ€=DOWNLOAD). Preinstalled, in English. NHL 94: http://www.oldgames.sk/download.php?filedownload=2876 Only one download allowed in 2 minutes, so wait after you finish the first one.
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    Before Ron Barr was hired for his dashing good looks, the scouting reports were actually accurate. I noticed as I edited the Penguins down to earth that the scouting report actually showed the changes. Remember in '93 on Ron Barr intro screen which is cool, all the info about team ratings is just fluff and useless. In '94 Ron is always wrong about who is Hot and Cold. The '92 scouting Reports were accurate. Oilers vs Pens Match up with Default Line 1 for both teams. Oilers vs Pens Match up with Pens Line 2 now starting and Line 1 moved down to Line 3. Look at the Pens Line Depth after this change.