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    Hey guys, due to the huge demand by ~3 guys, we'll be doing VHL7 before the summer. We've been running it with 12 guys that are dedicated to finish the whole season to 100% completion, but I am open to adding new guys if it make sense to do so. Please reach out to me if you want to join. VHL7 will be approx. 22-27 game season and regular season will be ~1 month long. Current GM's (12) - Lupz (champ), Tex, Brutus, Dcicon, Jack&Jose, Flatcrusher, Jer33, AquaLizard, AtomicRaven, AdamWoodrow, Chefstar88 & Skip. Expansion/Replacement Coaches - Jwebber64 Schedule (tentative) Draft Lottery - March 30th Draft - April 4th thru April 9th Begin Regular Season - April 12th Reg. Season Ends - May 13th Playoffs - May 15th Rosters - 5 fwds, 4 dmen, 1 goalie for 10 total rounds of drafting. More to come...
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    Lets get this thing rolling, Chef is on the clock!
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