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    Tuesday April 17th, 10:00 PM. To be clear: you don't get the guitar for playing 94. Winning the 94 tourney gets you into another tournament a couple weeks later, on a mystery game, and the winner of that gets the Steamwhistle-branded electric Les Paul guitar. Apparently the games are played on an 85" TV. Hopefully they have the lag worked out. Location: McSorley's Saloon & Grill in Toronto (facebook link) Address: 1544 Bayview Ave, a bit south of Eglinton Ave. Rules: ??? Not even quite sure which version of the game it is (they'll be playing on a Nintendo 64) April 3rd: Super Mario Kart April 10th: Tecmo Super Bowl. April 17th: NHL '94 April 24th: NBA Jam May 1st: Winner's tournament, mystery game (I'm betting RBI) So basically if 1 forum member participates, they should have an instant 25% chance at winning the guitar. Les Paul guitars start at USD$500 (but typically 800+, up to 20k).
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    I just downloaded RetroArch this weekend. The startup is confusing at first, but this guide helped with the basics: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-set-up-an-all-in-one-retro-game-emulator-with-re-1745863517. While running RetroArch, select online updater, and then select the gaming system that you want to "update," i.e. download. RetroArch will then install the latest versions of the supported emulators that you select, which are referred to as "cores." Genesis Plus Gx and Picodrive are the two genesis options. Both have been updated recently. To start a game you have to "load core" (emulator), and then "load content" (rom) by accessing the directory where your rom is stored. Netplay is intriguing because it supposedly uses a peer-to-peer setup with frame rollback similar to ggpo to reduce latency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RetroArch http://www.retroarch.com/index.php Here is more in-depth info on setting up netplay. Bottom line, it should be compatible with Hamachi. https://forums.libretro.com/t/looking-for-comprehensive-guide-on-netplay-willing-to-make-one-myself-if-none-exist/4523
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    Seems that there is no right answer to this... carry on!
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    Alright bros, updated ROMs in first post. Two roms, one the usual deadline, the other with outdoor uniforms for Caps/Leafs, Sens/Habs, and Sabres/Rangers. Things updated: -Mittelstadt to BUF -Tolvanen to NSH -Updated Caps jersey (change template, darker red) -Updated Caps arena name -EDIT - Forgot to add that it also fixes NSH's gold helmet