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    Hi. Here's the correct nhl94 rom to be used in fightcade 2. Fightcade uses the FBA emulator and like with MAME all roms have to be the same varsion as the emulator. Current version is Place the rom in the fightcade2 roms folder and you should be good to go. FC2 has an emulator folder where you can test your roms with the FBA. I just a played a game against the cpu with xbox360 controller and it ran well. But... When i start the FC2, go to nhl94 room and try to test the game it doesn't run. A popup window appear that says the directory is not supported. I saw someone talking about sega problems in their discord channel and that developers are looking into it. I'll test if other games work and then ask about this in their discord. nhl94.zip (edit) The problem with sega games in fc2 is actually desync. Mame used to have a resync button to deal with that, but fba doesn't have a way to fix a desync. Hopefully the developers can get it worked out, a lot of players are asking about it in their discord. The reason to the problem i have with games not loading didn't suprise me at all. It's a linux problem. Just have to reinstall averything, and if still won't work, reinstall again
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    You guys will see this before it hits any social media, but your 2018 Stanley Cup Champions (per NHL'94 simulation) is: The Las Vegas Golden Knights! They lose their first 3 games to the Columbus Blue Jackets, only to rally back 4 straight to win in 7! The Conn Smythe Trophy goes to Marc-Andre Fleury who posted a .942 save percentage in the playoffs, 4 shutouts, and a 1.6GAA! Again, all results, boxscores, and stats can be found here: http://www.nhl94online.com/html/playoffs.php?lg=54 Here is a GIF of the knights celebrating with the cup: Full playoff tree graphic: Finally, here are video highlights of the game 07 final!
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    Leafs got swept?!? I demand a redo https://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/67lfcg/should_the_nhl_have_the_hawks_and_preds_redo/
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    Thanks @skip & @naples39 ! I look forward to cool stuff people will continue to do, with the ROMs, for the "good ol' hockey game."
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    Thanks man! I love the robo-voice, something about it made me laugh and because it was a computer simulation, seemed appropriate. However, I agree it'd be great to have '94 buds doing the commentary....would require a bit more logistics work though. I took it as a learning experience in order to try and flip a big Stanley Cup highlight into a '94 video using the audio from the game quickly and maybe have it go viral!
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    Great stuff Raph, you did some great work with graphics and highlights. Thanks for putting this together. You really need to dump the robo-voice and get some NHL94 buds recording the commentary of the finals series.
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    This series was pretty interesting.
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    I made an edit with the final playoff tree set. Hopefully you don't mind, Naples. Obviously this is your work and 0% of it is mine. I used the 1.31 version and changed all (but 1) of the playoff matchups to match this year's real playoff bracket. Obviously as with everything in a 24 year old game, there has to be a few concessions. Here's what I did: -All but one possible playoff matchup in the game is real for 2018. -All of the non-playoff teams are in one possibility. (Couldn't leave them completely out, as it would cause the game to crash when trying to pick them for playoffs.) In this scenario, I seeded all of the non-playoff teams according to the real life standings, if the playoff teams didn't exist, except for Nashville. With 31 teams, ONE real playoff team had to remain in the West, since there are only 7 that didn't qualify. So, if you play with Nashville and notice that your matchup is Arizona instead of Colorado, back out and try again. Seattle will fix this in a couple years. -I flipped the 'West' and 'East' according to how EA matches them up, as it has always bugged me that the Western Conference is on the east side of the screen and the Eastern Conference is on the west side of the screen. Now, they show up on the "correct" side of the screen. This doesn't matter, as NHL 94 never actually refers to them on-screen as the Eastern and Western Conferences. If this bothers you, reset the matchups yourself. haha -You'll notice that the higher-seeded teams are toward the bottom of the screen, with the highest-seeded division champion in each conference at the very bottom. This is so that home-ice works properly. In NHL 94, the team listed second always has home-ice advantage. Therefore, if the seeds hold, home-ice will always play out correctly. The real-life higher seeded teams will always have home-ice as long as they advance (until the FInals). Unfortunately, the East will always have home-ice in the FInals and there's no real way around that without flipping the conferences back (as I already explained earlier). Luckily, the re-alignment a couple years back helped us out here. The game runs the playoffs as a straight bracket and doesn't re-seed like the real NHL used to. So, all of the matchups will play out perfectly, however home-ice may not work out right if a lower seeded team wins a series. There's no way around that. Hopefully this little tweak makes it easier for everyone to play through the real 2018 playoffs! It's not perfect, but it's the best we can do on almost quarter-century old software. NHL 2018 1.31 by naples39 - playoff.bin
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    Slacker list: Brutus is at 17 games, but got 4 in Tuesday night, scheduled to play J&J on Wednesday and Lupz on Saturday night. If I can find Ice before the weekend ends, I could be at 24 games played going into the extended time. HOWEVER, the commish of the league can't be sitting at the bottom. It's setting a bad precedent to you slackers! I need Lupz, Ice, Chef, Dick, Adam, Jer & J&J. Let's GA. Lupz is away till Saturday night, and at 12 games played, is not eligible to make the playoffs the way it sits. Look for him this weekend if you need games with him, and late at night next week. Hopefully, he gets a Tex style run of games in. Ice is at 16 games, and suffering. NEED to get this guy to 100%. Made all kinds of exceptions to add him and then noone has been around when he has. Decent amount of activity for this low of games. Maybe guys in need of Ice & ICE himself can start scheduling via PM/Discord privately. Dcicion is at 17 games. Aside from an occasional mid afternoon/early evening asking for games, I've not heard much from him. NEED more effort if you are going to want to be playoff eligible. I'll be reaching out myself to schedule our games hopefully this weekend. At this stage of the season, just asking for games when we are available on Discord isn't going to get anyone left to 100%. Chef is only at 19 games. Chef needs dick, zep, brutus, lupz, ice & jer. That's mainly the slackers this season, but Chef is a previous slacker offender! PLEASE reach out Chef and find your fellow slackers. Jer is only at 18 games. Rare to find Jer on this list, but HERE WE ARE!! 18 games is not getting it done bud. He needs dick, chef, Adam, Brutus, Lupz, Zep