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    You're Welcome. The player is extremely limited. I never found a way to skip ahead or rewind during playback. You just press play and gotta rewatch the whole damn thing. But!! To pause/unpause you hit ESCAPE. You will need whatever ROM was used when you generated the recordings. Technically ".krec" files aren't video files, they are just timestamps of all the button presses that occurred. These get sewn together with the ROM to re-enact the games. This makes for super-small krec. files, since so little data needs to be saved.
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    Boom! Got your picks bud....and then I copied and pasted them into mine.
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    I just sent my picks. I Went entirely based on the team rankings in Super Soccer for SNES. In cases where neither team appears in Super Soccer, I went with the underdog. Thanks bud.
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    Update: Verbeek does the normal poke check... case closed.
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    Both Evgeny Davydov's shot (4/4) -- left is when he is boosted shot power (you can see the high stick animation), right is not. I think the threshold is around 68 or so. Cool find!