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    Great post Brutus. You summed up many people's feelings and why we have the roms done the way we do for most leagues except for mine. I am fine with that and have happily spent many hours building what I believe to be a great fun rom for this league. Even though it is not done the way I like. However, I will continue to beat the drum of why you, me and all love this game as opposed to Tetris or Pac-Man is the randomness and variation it provides. If the Original game in 1993 had been Static with all advantages equal, and all the randomness removed, I don't believe we would still be playing it. 1980 USA vs USSR, my one game HUGE upset win in Green Bay etc...... never happen with those parameters. I am headed out to coach Regional Track Championships. I would love to know who is Hot/Cold etc..., but I don't. Gotta feel it and figure it out. I am glad this year we have a gigantic Home advantage as the more talented Las Vegas kids gotta run at altitude and in cold snowy weather. Can't wait to get this thing started.
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    Here is my blue rink. It is not exactly same color as in NHL Hockey. If I remember correctly, I could not get palettes match or something like that. Anyhow here it is. RINK.QFS
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    Summer18exi_v1.8.bin Latest AquaBallard trade. Savard for Bondra.