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    I couldn't follow this, but if you go to Vancouver my chances of attending will increase by 67 1/5th percent, which would be 83 and 1/7th percent after you factor in the 98% chance that AJ will be there as well. You can keep on living that lucky night over and over again (it was almost 3 years ago bud), but I really do hope you come and prove that you're a great '94 player and champion!
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    I think for every hockey fan and player alike, the Mighty Ducks have a special place in your heart. The movie is pretty outlandish from a hockey perspective (players switching uniforms, no offsides called on the Flying V, it goes on and on), but it's a staple of hockey in pop culture. When I found all the great tools for hacking the game on this forum, I wanted to take a stab at it, and I felt this was a great place to start. The ROM features: 6 Playable Teams (Ducks, Hawks, Team USA, Team Iceland, Eden Hall JV/Ducks, Eden Hall Varsity/Warriors) Updated graphics to fit the movie 15 scale stats Weight Bug Fixed I plan to add Playoff mode (3 selectable teams, Ducks, USA, JV, and you play through the general story of the movie) More playable teams Player cards Blue ice Any bug fixes along the way Special thanks to WBoy's 30 Team Rom, TM Ref Screenshots, and NOSE Smozoma's various guides and programs CoachMac's steps to making a rom Clockwise or Swos’ sprite patch, love that extra liberty while making uniforms. Kingraph for answer a graphics editing question SabreFan1's Banner font Production Notes Hawks players except for the 2 names that appeared in actual roles are just named after scientific names for hawks Iceland players except Gunner Stahl named after Norse Gods Eden Hall players named using a random name generator DOWNLOAD HERE: MightyDucks1.0.bin I attached some screenshots below, hope you enjoy!
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    well f**k shoulda put some money on this lol .....fluery gaa and sv pct are almost spot on and he's has 4 shutouts wtf! some dumb ass gms out there .....oh well old boys network I hate hockey....maybe hiring ex players with multiple concussions isn't the best strategy but what does kg know!