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    Hello everybody, Here is a rom created by @Jkline3 and myself, made in USA and Switzerland. It's based upon the Calgary 88 Olympic tournament. @Jkline3 cared about the title's screen, the banners, the broadcaster, TV logo, etc. I was responsible for the rosters and the player cards. Every starter has a picture (I took some from clockwise's NHL 1991). Hope you'll enjoy this version! 1988 Olympics - Calgary.bin
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    Please post any issues, good or bad experiences you've had during setup or net play here. Hopefully there will be someone who's had the issue and can respond, or we can figure out how to fix it (if possible). I want to hear gripes/issues/concerns and if you like using the program. I want to hear the good and bad. I think some people will love it, some will hate it. The point is we are looking for a better and easier net play experience for all. If RetroArch doesn't fit that description, I'll keep looking for something else. The best thing is RetroArch is still in active development, so if there's an issue that is a huge one, we can ask for it to be fixed (unlike Gens/Kaillera and ZSNES). This does seem promising, though there is a steep learning curve with the setup and options. If anyone finds something out in the settings they like, please post. Something you don't, please post. Hopefully there will be a way to make setup easier in the future. I haven't explored all the options in the menus, so please feel free to do so. Here's all of the posts on Setup and playing:
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    Bumping this, had a few desyncs today due to disconnects from Hotel wifi. Please see above for the update. It's important that the host "Stop netplay host", then wait until their name disappears from the "Refresh room list" before trying to host again. Once the client reconnects after hosting again, the game will continue where the host left it (please pause the game before doing these steps!).
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    Hmm.. the crash tends to be that the game tries to read the data of a defenseman (such as his name) during the menu screen, when it shows the player pictures and names. If the team has fewer players than the index of that defenseman, then the game crashes because it tries to read a player who isn't there anymore. Most teams had 2 goalies and 12 forwards, so probably the D in the pictures are in the top 4 D.. so probably yeah around 18 is pretty safe. The key to fixing it so you can use as few players as you want is to set the player picture indexes. The guide for that is here: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/216-how-to-player-card-tutorial-nhl94-nhl95/ If you scroll down to KingRaph's post in that thread where you can see the big table... You'll see the "Pos#" column, with values like 0000 ('first' player, it's the main goalie), 0002 (usually the 1st-line center), 000F (this is a hexadecimal number for 15, so this is typically a defesman), or 0011 (hexadecimal 17) is another D. The simple fix is to set those numbers to lower numbers like 0000, 0007, 0008, 0003, 0002, 0004. Alternatively, you could use EARE (http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/10443-eare-ea-rom-editor-for-nhl94/) and set the names in the PlayerCardsDefault.txt to your new player names, and it'll fix them when you click the "Set Player Pictures" button in EARE.
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    You have to have a least 18 skaters for the game to work well, I believe. But you don't need the phantom skaters, because you can replace the players with "HEX 0!!!" and the game will remove those players in those positions in NOSE.
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