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    1976 saw the concept of the WJC at a crossroads - lacking sponsorship and official IIHF recognition the tournament appeared to be nearing its end. In fact, the United States did not send a team to Finland and Canada sent the Sherbrooke Castors, runners up in the QMJHL in 1976, rather than a true national squad. The Soviet Union again took the gold, running their overall WJC record to 14-0 in the process. Canada, in spite of a 17-1 loss to Sweden (!!!) won silver while Czechoslovakia placed third. Future NHLers were few and far between, highlighted by Peter Stastny and Viacheslav Fetisov, a trio of Swedes in Kent Nilsson, Bengt-Ake Gustafsson and Thomas Gradin and an underwhelming pair of Canadians, Jere Gillis and Peter Marsh. 1976 WJC - Finland.bin
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    I'd like to use the summer league as a test, so I can set it up so that it could take either a Gens or a RetroArch save. If RetroArch does well and people start to like it, I'd like to make an official decision on what we will use going forward before classic starts.
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    Regarding "one option", what about saying there is an "officially supported player", to be used if two competitors don't agree, but allow whatever to be used. (I say this because I think I might prefer GENs, if it is not wonky. If it is wonky, and as we know it frequently is, I would prefer pretty well anything else, so would personally be agreeable to Retroarch.)
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    It's my opinion we should have this setup by the weekend as a viable way to play and setup the leagues to enable uploading save states using Retro. To me, only question remains if the leagues moving forward should allow being able to upload a save state from either Retro game, or Hamachi, or just Retro. I think in J&J's Summer League, obviously guys started the league using Hamachi, so you'd want it to take both forms. But moving forward, it's probably easier to have the ability to DO both, but might cause issues if one guy wants to use Retro only, and his opponent only wants Hamachi, especially come playoff time. AND we all know, especially come playoff time, how c&nty some on this site get, so I'd probably have only one option in any league I ran.