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    In NOSE, Shot Bias is roughness. Gretzky, Lemieux, etc... playmakers/distributors have low zero or low numbers. Hull, Richer, etc.....shooters have high numbers. But there is more to it as if you sim a game with the Pens Mario will often lead the team in shots, so........I'm really not sure. AGGR or Aggression is Aggression as in Penalties or being aggressive.
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    Aqua makes a good option. when in disagreement, X is default but both options still on table to play & load save states. if not too much work for chaos & not somehow contributing to others not upgrading to a preferred process, I think this is a logical request.
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    1976 saw the concept of the WJC at a crossroads - lacking sponsorship and official IIHF recognition the tournament appeared to be nearing its end. In fact, the United States did not send a team to Finland and Canada sent the Sherbrooke Castors, runners up in the QMJHL in 1976, rather than a true national squad. The Soviet Union again took the gold, running their overall WJC record to 14-0 in the process. Canada, in spite of a 17-1 loss to Sweden (!!!) won silver while Czechoslovakia placed third. Future NHLers were few and far between, highlighted by Peter Stastny and Viacheslav Fetisov, a trio of Swedes in Kent Nilsson, Bengt-Ake Gustafsson and Thomas Gradin and an underwhelming pair of Canadians, Jere Gillis and Peter Marsh. 1976 WJC - Finland.bin