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    Hey Everybody, I've created some new content (2 videos) on my Youtube channel and wanted to share for anyone who is interested. The first video which I have below is Part 1 of my most recent content. It has a brief introduction of myself and why I'm starting a channel. There will be more to come regarding myself but this video does a good job of starting to paint that picture. Also, I started a cup run with San Jose that is more unique from the typical cup run against the computer. In short, I attempt to use every player on the San Jose roster for one game with a twist at the end...I pull the goalie in the Stanley Cup Final and try to win without one. The second video has me breaking down the San Jose Sharks (Sega Version) team strategy/roster. I think I got a little carried away with how much time I spent on the team as this video runs a bit long but I figured if I have too much material it will be easier to focus on cutting things out rather than finding a way to elaborate more. Anyways, all the info on San Jose is there and I hope to do something like this for all the teams before we head off to Vancouver for King of 94 III. Also, after I breakdown SJ I complete my cup run which has a pretty tense finish at the end. Please don't be afraid to leave questions or comments whether it be here or on the youtube videos. I really want/need the feedback to help me produce better content for us. I really want to build the hype and draw more people to our events later this year and hope enough people here feel the same about that. I'm going to do my best to continue to produce these videos and will keep the community up to date as they are released!
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    It'd be nice to list which ones have been accomplished as well. Weight bug, goalie range, decrease manual goalie time are all hacks you can apply. You can aim one-timers in SNES? Didn't know that! The reason the 0:00 happens sometimes is there is a slight difference from the internal game clock to when the actual game clock displays 0:00. Think of it as milliseconds....so a goal at 0:00 is really 0:00:12 or something, it just doesn't get displayed. I found that out when helping @Brodeur30 with his actual game time clock. I do like the idea of fixing the goalie lock as it affects 2v2 play a lot. If we had MOAR 2v2 action these days I think I'd be more motivated to look into that, but it's not much of a problem in 5v5.
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    These would all be great, particularly reducing the goalie force field. There may be ways to reduce the force field by editing goalie attributes. Along those lines, how about improving the collision between the goal / posts and the puck. Sometimes you'll see a puck heading right towards the post and it ends up going through the post for a goal warping to the center of the goal. I don't know if we can make the artwork of the goals slightly bigger so pucks hit the posts more instead of clipping through the post for goals when it should be bouncing off the post, but I noticed that I rarely see pucks hit the posts. (only hitting side of the net really) It would good to see more pucks hit the side posts and bounce straight back. I don't know if we can do anything about the puck warping to the center of the net when there's a goal, but I noticed that the warp occurs before the puck even crosses the goal line. Maybe we can move the location of the goal / goal line or something and make the goal wider so the goal boundary has better collision. Maybe we could edit the artwork editing the position of the puck in the net too so pucks warp to the corner of the net where appropriate instead of always warping to the center of the net. (or do away with the warping altogether but I doubt that's possible) Fake shots would be great, that might be possible through the use of a shot cancel (hotkey) button. Also I'd like to find a code / hotkey to do lofted short passes, sort of like using the A button in the attacking zone only with more control over the loft and distance on it, so you can pass to players with a defender in the way without it being intercepted by the defender. If there were a way to hold down the pass button to put a little air between the puck and the ice on passes that would be great too to get more passes through traffic. NHL 94 would do great with an icon passing system via hotkeys / additional buttons so you can pass to whoever player you want even when there's another player in the same direction closer to the player you want to pass to. At times, you are limited on who you can pass to based on the direction you are aiming and sometimes when in the attacking zone you can't pass to the player you want because another teammate is between you and the player. Another thing is that generally passes are intercepted too often, especially in the attacking zone, this is something we should be able to reduce by editing attributes lowering the frequency of passes being intercepted. Making it so we can aim one-timers might be a hard thing to find but I do think we need to make one-timers be more off target. As far as drop passes, you can do drop passes by pressing down and the pass button at the exact same time (while skating upwards for example), and if you do it right, the player won't change direction and will continue skating forward. It's very useful but it's hard to pull off consistently because if you don't time the button presses perfectly it won't work, either you'll pass it forward accidentally or your player will change direction before the pass. This is something I would like to make a specific hotkey for, because sometimes it's hard to press down and the pass button (or up and the pass button if you are skating downwards) at exactly the same time. (and it's even harder to do it while skating left or right) Creating a hotkey to make you do a drop pass consistently should be doable, though you're probably going to need two buttons depending on what side your team is on. You'll probably need one combining up + pass and one combining down + pass depending on if your team is skating up or down, but maybe there's a code that controls the direction of passes without needing to combine up + pass / down + pass There's a lot I want to do to add more depth to the passing with additional buttons / hotkeys.
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