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    Hey Everybody, I've created some new content (2 videos) on my Youtube channel and wanted to share for anyone who is interested. The first video which I have below is Part 1 of my most recent content. It has a brief introduction of myself and why I'm starting a channel. There will be more to come regarding myself but this video does a good job of starting to paint that picture. Also, I started a cup run with San Jose that is more unique from the typical cup run against the computer. In short, I attempt to use every player on the San Jose roster for one game with a twist at the end...I pull the goalie in the Stanley Cup Final and try to win without one. The second video has me breaking down the San Jose Sharks (Sega Version) team strategy/roster. I think I got a little carried away with how much time I spent on the team as this video runs a bit long but I figured if I have too much material it will be easier to focus on cutting things out rather than finding a way to elaborate more. Anyways, all the info on San Jose is there and I hope to do something like this for all the teams before we head off to Vancouver for King of 94 III. Also, after I breakdown SJ I complete my cup run which has a pretty tense finish at the end. Please don't be afraid to leave questions or comments whether it be here or on the youtube videos. I really want/need the feedback to help me produce better content for us. I really want to build the hype and draw more people to our events later this year and hope enough people here feel the same about that. I'm going to do my best to continue to produce these videos and will keep the community up to date as they are released!
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    On SNES, I'd probably go: Mogilny - Neely - Yzerman Stevens - Bourque Roy Tough to leave Lemieux out, but I just love Cam and Stevie Y.
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    Jer here's what I prefer by position LW - RH preferably 5 speed guy or agile/high STH, (Lafontaine/Hogue/) C - at least 4/4 A/S along with min 4/5 Shot/Acc (Roberts/Turgeon/Carson/Hull (6/3)) RW - LH 5/4 A/S with 5+ STH (Makarov/Hawerchuck/Damphouse/Savard) D - min 4/3 A/S and 6+ weight Pre-pass shooting, I was 100% on having wingers play on their stick side. Once I learned how to pass shot I pretty much require having my wingers on their off stick side. Much better for cross crease pass shots as well as cross crease one timers. My C I prefer a good to great shot, weight doesn't matter as much as long as they have min 4/4 A/S. Defense I don't value as high, mostly because I exclusively B check and have novice CB check skills. I just want them to have some agility to stick handle out of trouble when called upon. Goalie give a light agile goalie (terreri/casey) that allows me to get side to side quickly with GC to try and thwart one timers. No concern on the light weights getting exploited by ram goals. They're very infrequent maybe because I take GC so early and often?