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    BUMP! We are set for August 11th at 2pm! Pre-registration can take place on the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo site: http://expo.liretro.com/ If anyone is planning to attend from this community, please let me know sooner than later! 2017 was a blast, @corbettkb beat @smozoma in an exciting finals! @Lupz27 went to the semis, and we had @orangeblack92 representing as well. You can read through 2017 here and see the finals video. @chaosand I will be running the event again this year, unfortunately @Evan and @egg won't be able to attend. In addition, we have had some players come for 3 straight years and the competition is pretty tight! Format (based on 32 entries) is a 3 game round robin, followed by 16 team single elimination (best of 3 series). It's a blast, and as part of the Expo, there are lots of other things to do there, so come early and leave late! Featured table will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/kingraph ( I will let everyone know when that goes live). Arda Ocal is planning to attend, along with former NHL enforcer Colton Orr! Here's a sample of Orr's work:
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    Wonderful news. @chaos you are my hero.
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    @oboe I'm working on this right now, should be done by tomorrow (for Gens saves). I'll add ZSNES and RetroArch at a later (maybe the weekend) time, but I'd like to make sure I can at least get it working first.
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    Drake Batherson (Sens draft pick) is the nephew of former Sens tough guy Dennis Vial.
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    Many people came close to beating me in Toronto. The live in person pressure gets to me more than it does anyone! Id bet on that honestly. I like being in my own safe personal space, alone on a computer with a working internet connection, preferably not in a basement. Im not too big on that human contact stuff lol.
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    I just posted my newest video on youtube. It's the first video in my beginner series where I explain some of the finer points of NHL '94 that newer people may not know. These videos are directed towards newer people but vets are also encouraged to watch and contribute if they like. I'm still working on my Team breakdowns for GENS and will hopefully be able to record my video for Boston over the weekend. The script is ready to go, I just need to shoot footage.