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  1. You can have fun playing with the worst players in the game. A hat trick with Drake Berehowsky, a 4-goal game with Tie Domi, or even scoring a game-winning goal with Stu Grimson can make your friends weep in defeat. Some of you might enjoy playing with these lineups, and some of you might be bored to tears. Nevertheless, I suggest you give them a try and have fun with them. If you are playing against the CPU, then leave the CPU's lineup as it is (but use the line I provided for YOUR team); if you are playing against a friend, then you and your friends use the lines provided below. Make
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  2. Eklund and Recchi were a couple of my early GDL favourites. Unfortunately I didn't count on what a difference-maker Gartner can be when used well. Whoops! Tex was better regardless. (and now that I've watched it again, looks like Tikkanen did enough damage on his own!) @kingraph I notice that the stream from last time is gone from Twitch... There's an option somewhere for forcing it to archive the video (and you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save, which I didn't do when I streamed in Saskatoon, whoops)
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