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    I figured out the Large Helmets. New version available on Page 1 with Large Helmets included!
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    It is on the first page of this thread. I just replaced the previous version. Delete your old one and then download the new one.
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    Heres another indie hockey game, being created by WTG Bear Studios, its a successor or sequel to the 2011 Xbox 360 indie game, Blockey. But this game unlike the 2011 game, the new Blockey is a 3d hockey game using Unity and its a hockey game with its own arcade variation and format. It is nuts. Blockey had been in development since 2014, then in 2017 the creator decided to take a new direction and started putting in more sports in the game (such as tennis, baseball, and basketball) and retitled Blockey to Rocko Blocko Sports, which is a pretty questionable concept. No new information from WTG Bear Studios or new video game footage has come out about Blockey, as of this year. So nothing yet is known about this game being on Hiatus, scrapped, shelved or even canceled.
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    The Jets did not exist 1958. They were in the AFL which began play in 1960. They joined as the NY Titans (Titan > Giants) and then changed the name to Jets in 1963 when ownership changed and they moved from playing at the Polo Grounds to Shea Stadium near Laguardia Airport hence the Jets. The Cardinals were in Chicago in 1958. They moved to St. Louis in 1960 and then to Arizona in 1988. Detroit was and is the Lions.