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    Great stuff guys, I've played a few games. Might be a fun rom to exi with. '94 Canada vs. USA
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    I'm glad you guys like the game! It was a lot of fun to make, and Ktup with those banners, I was shocked as well. They look gorgeous in the playoff tree. I like the way you're thinking with the all-time teams! Could be another fun way to go with it. It'd be tough to select a Team Canada haha. I wanted to add a bunch of milestone type teams. Miracle on Ice was no brainer, and the 1987 + 1991 Canada Cups, then I started thinking about what else to add. First WCoH made sense. It was such a fun tourney. Had to include the 1998 Czech team, too bad I couldn't 1998 Russia in there, too. And had to have USA vs Canada from SLC Olympics, epic final - heartbreaking for me :-( Enjoy, bud!