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    This may help some people, or just be convenient for any modder. It's an xml file that is a bunch of bookmarks in TileMolester for the 32-team rom template. To use, download the file and put it in the resources folder of your tilemolester install. RENAME it so the name of the xml is exactly the same as the name of rom you are editing. Then open tilemolester and open up your rom. To edit something, go to the top menu, Navigate and choose what you want to edit. After that, go to Palette and choose the corresponding palette for what you are editing. Voila, never look up a hex address again. (For the palette bookmarks, if it says 'p2' or another number, load the palette, then hit the right arrow at the bottom menu to go to the 2nd page of bookmarked palette) I hope this helps! NHL 2019 by naples39.xml
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    ya'll are fake news. Sid Smith is 74 years old
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    Translation: gimme your stud for my trash
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    I essentially agree with IceStorm's ideal team. I like my wingers a bit faster than my center unless it is Mogilny. I never want a dman with more speed than agility under any circumstances. It makes their turning circles when changing to the backwards skate wider and slower - and that blows. I'll sacrifice stickhandling for passing from my d men as I want the puck out of their hands. I don't really care how much they weigh. Unless you have Bourque or maybe Brown, you should not use the d man for many slappers so who cares about the shot? I mean I'll take a better shot, but I'm not going to use in anything except the most desperate situations. As for his Ice's opinion on stick side, I go back and forth. Passing is definitely crisper from the off stick side but you also have less ability to carry the puck well. I go back and forth on which side to put my guys. Against better players I generally agree with going off stick side. I am an avid stick side deke shooter with a speedster, but against someone with above average defense I don't get many opportunities to do that.
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    Thanks Coach! Credit for the Oilers logo goes to @DaDonch44! I grabbed it from GDL05 ROM per @IceStorm70's request. I will update Brad Park's picture. It's funny, I had to grab about 50 old timers and I had a feeling I was going to mess them up because I have no idea how about 40 of these guys look! If you have the pic handy, just attach it here, if not I'll create a new one.
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    Very Cool! Huge Congrats on this! I am a big fan of VG. My favorite T-shirt of they make.