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    9 House Teams… The White Walkers… The Westeros Hockey League… A Battle for the Cup Iron Throne has begun! WINTER IS HERE!!! I am attaching my Game of Thrones themed ROM. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS THREAD TO DISCUSS THE SHOW OR PROVIDE ANY SPOILERS! While many of us have watched all 7 seasons, so far, some may still be binge watching. Please don’t ruin it for them. We all know there are a few surprise twists by the end of season 7. One of them, is in this ROM. That said, if you haven’t completed season 7, and you are still watching, I do not recommend downloading this until you are done. One spoiler is within the game. Some ROM details: It contains the 9 major Houses plus the White Walkers as playable teams. As a bonus, I also threw in an 11th team that contains NHL Hall of Famers (the best of the best). Teams 12-32 are not playable. They are simply team #11 repeated/copied as placeholder. The playoff structure is set-up so the winner of the Houses squares off against the White Walkers for the Iron Throne. Because there are 9 houses, but only 8 can appear on the right/left brackets (see screenshot below), I programmed it to rotate every house out of at least one playoff scenario. So, in turn, no one is truly left out. All players, who are not White Walkers, are named by [Last Name], [First Name]. So, for example: Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Etc. This was done because, when you score a goal, the pop-up window only shows the number and last name of the scorer (and whoever got the assist(s)). That’s confusing if a team has all of its players with the same last name. So now, when a goal is scored, the first name appears (with their number). However, in all other game sections, you should see first and last name listed but in the order structure mentioned above. Not exactly a big deal (IMO). Not every character from the GoT universe is in the game. I only included those who are part of these major houses (both alive or dead). I apologize to all you Hodor or Brienne of Tarth fans. Lol Some characters included may not have been in the TV series but, they are in the books. As there are several women in the rosters, they are all defaulted to 144 pounds in weight (as we can’t go any lower). The team colors are based on their respective house flags/banners. Those flags/banners serve as the Team Selection &Center Ice logos. As the White Walkers don't have a banner, I found something that serves as one (a skull with a crown). Again, please don't not respond in this thread with any details/spoilers regarding Game of Thrones. Thanks and enjoy! -The Sauce NHL94 GoT.bin
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    Hey guys, A writer from NHL.com is looking for help making very hi-res images of NHL'94 ingame screenshots for both Gens and Snes. Can anyone help out on this? He's looking for them to be 2568x1444 pixels in size. He emailed me examples but its really just any '94 action shots and such. Please post an example if you have one! He needs these ASAP. Thanks! -Evan
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    Hey, I'm the NHL writer. If you are able to crop to 1444, the second one without filter is good. I sent you an email if you can respond to that, we can do it that way, prob easier. Thanks again!
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    Here is the one without the filter on. Same size. Use the zip files, the website compresses the images. Roenick-Genesis2.png.zip
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    Love that the other conference in the playoffs is just a horde of white walkers