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    Hey guys, here is the UPDATED PLAYOFF ROM for 2018-19 season. Special thanks to @slapshot67 for his work on graphics and player cards! Below you'll find the ROM and Excel sheet. Excel is in the zip folder, which shows player ratings, "Skip's ratings", etc. Changes from earlier 2019 ROMs: Player rating updates based on this year's performance, roster changes, some new player cards, playoff brackets to reflect actual 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs. I updated every teams lines, including PK lines based on top TOI on PK for each team, last time but didn't do much this time around. Injured players remain in lineup on their assumed line. Notes: -This is the 32-team ROM (updated teams, logos, player cards and graphics by Slapshot67). -Updated team rosters for 2018-19 season (rosters and player ratings by Skip). The 32nd team is still the NHL'94 Hall of Fame team, with original NHL94 ratings! -Weight bug is fixed (heavy guys are harder to knock down), and this ROM uses weight + checking = hitting ability -1 minute penalties (except for injuries = 2 min penalty). You can do 5, 7, 10 or 20 minute periods. -Hot/Cold is accurate in the pre-game screen and in edit lines NEW for 2019 ROM: Added in NHL Network's Kevin Weekes as the announcer. ROSTER NOTES: Some long-term injured players were also omitted (ie Stephen Johns, Christian Dvorak). 3rd line is usually a mashup of best players on a team's real 3rd & 4th lines. Tried to keep scoring lines as they are in real life, or how they "should be" when players return from injury. KNOWN BUG: The menu screen will freeze if the player cards begin to cycle for team #31 - Winnipeg. There is no known fix for this. TOURNEY ROM has continuous OT. The regular ROM has 5 minute OT. Zip folder has excel sheet with all players listed, including the NHL94 HHOF All-Stars roster, and Ratings list for all 32 teams. -Skip NHL19playoffs.zip NHL19PlayoffsTourney.bin NHL19PlayoffsSkip.bin
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    I don't know if these have been discussed at all, but I'm curious to know what everyone else likes about NHL '94 that is kinda quirky! One that comes to mind is when you check someone into the boards just right and it sends the opponent flying off into the middle of the ice. Another one is when you have offsides on and you pass to a skater who is offside but still score a goal with a one timer; doesn't happen often but it's funny when it works! Anyone have some good quirks they want to share?
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    The center ice logos were based off of the real logos and location of the center ice logo. I got a few GMs and a few 5 and GMs for Checking from behind Sometimes, intentional and sometimes accidental. NHL Hockey PC had more players. Pretty much every player that played in 92-93 is in the game, NHL Hockey PC only had 4 discs. I first saw this game at a local computer shop. The employee was playing it. I thought it was so awesome. When I did get it. It didn't work. I had to get a friend to fix some settings to get it to work. The manual also includes the Player and Goalie info and stats from the Official NHL Guide and Record Book for 1993. I still have it.
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    I've told this story before.. but there was a computer shop growing up that used to rent PC games, you signed an agreement to uninstall/delete when you returned the game. It was a real chore to install these games back then - 8-10 floppy disks needed to be swapped in order to install. Here's the PC requirements at the time:
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    I'm also a fan of the checks sending players all the way back across the ice. If they make it nearly all the way across to the other side, that's cause for an instant replay to verify if they did in fact hit the far boards or not. Another checking quirk is that sometimes you'll check the player and then continue your speed boost check really far, like from the goal line up until almost centre ice. If you aim for the top corner from in close and off to the side of the net, but miss the net, the puck will fly off into the sky at a billion miles per hour. You can one-time the puck out of mid-air. Sometimes the player will automatically one-time their own rebound (regular slapshot on goal, bounces off the goalie, player automatically makes a huge wind-up and slapshots it again, usually for a goal). It is possible for two players to check one player at the same time (with the crosscheck animation, into the boards) Sometimes the goalie spontaneously morphs into a skater and lays a huge crosscheck on an opponent who got too close. If you check a player and he's relatively near the boards, but another player is between him and the boards, he will still fly into the boards, but from farther than usual. If you slapshot a puck and hit a player in the head when he's near the boards, he'll fly into the boards violently. Most of these appear in my old highlights videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bMFquzwdFw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyYwEXRUYE8
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    I feel like I have discovered a treasure! I had never played this, and it is by far and away the best version. I tried playing Genesis version last night and it felt like Pac-Man after playing this. +1 on the Center Ice logos and just so many details. I am almost halfway through a season with Minnesota. Join my Solitaire League.
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    Always love reliving NHL Hockey as when I was growing up it seemed like such a big deal to play a *CD-Rom* version of a game. Knowing that there was a version of a game I already loved with better graphics and more features was a pretty big deal to me. I remember as a kid being so intimidated about running a game in DOS--Mounting the C Drive? I was so used to my beloved SNES on/off switch. Anyway, again, always love seeing posts and screen shots about this version of the game. As mentioned prior it had a lot of little details that the SNES and Gens versions lacked: Being able to run 4 lines comes to mind along with the Season mode with active stats. Has anyone played through or simmed a season recently? I am curious how the stats play out (Team and Player). I seem to remember my seasons always had a lot of high goals and low assist players. I feel like I played through a season with my Flames and Nieuwendyk ended up with like 95 goals and 15 assists, or something like that. Co-sign also on the Jersey templates in this version of the game. I always felt each team was represented 10x better than the SNES and Gens version (SNES jersey colors are much better than Gens version, FWIW). Also more little details like the Center Ice Logos being unique for each team (Kings and Penguins I know had their Logo closer to the Blue line than Center Ice--really cool touch that is overlooked). Did you know if you check the ref you would get a game misconduct penalty? I remember trying to rack up PIMS and tried doing that and it doesn't even reflect in your stats--just tosses you out for the game. Last thing... Would love to see a list of the rosters in this game versus the SNES and Gens version as I know they were different. I remember CGY had Andrei Trefilov as their third-string goalie (personal favorite player of mine as a 7 year old).
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    Hello all, I would think this question has come up enough times over the years. Can someone please point out an FAQ or guide to running NHL 94 on Sega CD? I am jammed up on a few things? What bin does it run off? Where do the bios files go? I'm trying to run it on the MD.EMU app from the Google store on my tablet. While I have had no problems emulating other cartridge based genesis games or PSX games, I'm hung up on this. Any help would be appreciated.