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    I wish I could go off the grid myself sometimes. Good luck Coach, I'll send a pigeon messanger your way when we do a big Segathon at a bar again.
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    "Tips and Troubleshooting" Cheat Sheet These are some issues and some fixes for RetroArch. The fixes and more details are in the messages below. TROUBLESHOOTING No Audio Issue Win10 Jumpy Video see Issue 8 SNES "Multitap" Netplay Issue Mac Fullscreen/Hotkey Issues fixed in 1.7.9+ "Slow Motion" Video "Black Flicker" Issue fixed in 1.7.9+ No longer a problem with 1.7.9+ Audio/Video Stuttering and Poor Framerates Please share your short tips and tweaks in the thread below! We want to cover as many situations as possible, and build this Cheat Sheet. TIPS A. Use Direct Connection (instead of Relay) if Possible B. Hot Swapping Home and Away with "i" Keyboard Shortcut C. Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts)
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    I am going off the grid. I have never been much of a computer or tech guy and after spending the last few weeks basically off the grid, I have decided to go even further off. As most of you know my Discord account has been terminated and I am not playing in classic. Thanks for the PM's checking that I was OK from many of you. I still plan to attend LIVE events (possibly more buffed when I rip my shirt off) and check in on the forums from work now and again. I consider many of you my good friends and will look forward to seeing you at Live Events. The rest of you keep your heads up and on a swivel!