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    LOL, I was thinking about this the other day. What if I just got up and left (or died)? No one would know how the database or website is run. I need to give at least one other person info just in case my wife decides to kill me some day. I should write out some documentation. Also, since I'm an admin, I can just rig this vote so I win by default . Just kidding guys, thanks for the love and support.
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    I believe this is the winning argument, well said. Pretty much online leagues would die without,@chaos, or someone would have to learn website databases. Also, I could never run LI Retro Tourney without him. He's always helping the community online/live with his spare time. And definitely major thanks to @angryjay93, who continues to be a great ambassador for the game at an elite level. AJ's building lines was my first introduction to the depth of '94 analysis after smozoma directed me there. The pages have been updated with C/B analysis, and now vids! That is hard work, not easy to put that much effort into something, and it's GREATLY appreciated. I am also biased for Arda as he has personally provided me the opportunity to play against Ken Daneyko on the Prudential Center jumbotron, which I'll never forget and will always be appreciative of. He also got the Vegas Golden Knights Twitter to use our '94 celebration GIF, promoted '94 on his shows, broadcasts, and basically has been our biggest celebrity ambassador. All of this because he's a true retro gaming fan, and a genuinely awesome dude.