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    Thanks for the kind words. What you guys are unaware of is that the by laws were written so specifically that I can’t be nominated. It should be noted that I wrote the bylaws. Then I was ousted as CEO of the voting committee by the board of directors Before I could change the bylaw. Im also on the board of directors. Love you guys.
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    100% true. And yet I still think he deserves it. Yeah, Halifax, put yourself on the ballot next year. (Or one of these Mods can do it, if you neglect to do so again!) Congrats, Chaos. You deserve it 100%.
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    Thanks bud. Halifax and his multiple accounts has been banned from the "bud of the year" voting due to shady voting practices. Plus all he does around here is troll and post stupid crap.
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    chaos is the man. One of the nicest guys I've met from the site. Way to go bud.
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    Congrats Chaos. Well deserved bud. It's easy to overlook all the work you do to keep things running smoothly around here. This was really a toss up for me. AJ has done something pretty special with all the youtube videos (even though they're not for SNES lol). And Arda has added a lot of legitimacy and publicity for '94. But going forward, Halifax definitely deserves to win one of these. Can we all agree he goes on the ballot for 2019?
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    I would always vote for myself, because that's just me Unless Halifax was on the ballot, then I'd have a real tough choice. The fact he's not on the ballot, forces me to abstain from the above selection. Chaos has tried to disappear a few times, but it's a little unknown detail that Brute here has a tracker on him, so his short lived absents have always been just that, notification his life is about to be short lived if his absence continues.
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    I would add Aqualizard and Brutus to the list as well. But yes, if added to the list I would vote for Halifax for all of his tournaments involvement and fantastic social media presence.
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    I liked it better when you cast several votes by yourself. Also, didn't AngryJay win and refuse the trophy or something? And he is up again? Did Riddick Bowe get another WBC belt when he threw his first one in the trash? (I kid, AJ is a worthy nominee every year. Love that he is a top tier player and does the vids and other stuff to make others better.) And I love what Arda has done. He is in a unique position with his media ties and skills, which really benefits the community. But you gotta go with Chaos. If Chaos disappeared, it would be he equivalent of our little community getting hit with a nuclear bomb. The dude is irreplaceable. (On another note, IMO you yourself should be in the running. You definitely should be Bud of the Year one of these years, Halifax.)
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    I really enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing! I do find it odd that there are different theme songs for the SNES and Genesis version. But it's pretty amazing that they are all so epic. I prefer SNES music because that's my preferred system, but I respect the Genesis music too.
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    I'm a little confused, wouldn't you just take a screenshot at the native resolution (256x224 or whatever) and then enlarge it using a nearest-neighbor routine, so it pixelates instead of blurs?
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