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    There have been many rankings done for tournaments where we group teams into tiers, but something always felt off. It was either too many tiers, not enough tiers, or the personal preferences around which teams on the fringe make it or not into a particular tier. I am trying an updated method that doesn't group teams into tiers so rigidly, but rather offers a scale based on team. Here's my first pass: The idea is that you find a team and then a reasonable matchup will be any other team that shares the color tier. UPDATE V02 AS OF 04/09/19 You can also assume the top teams in a band are stronger than the bottom. So St. Louis vs New York Islanders, STL would be stronger, but that is still a reasonable matchup. However, STL vs TOR, TOR would be the stronger matchup, but still reasonable. TOR can't play NYI though. I found this to be a pretty good exercise in that it will also give you a general team ranking. Some teams are interchangeable that are only in one band (NYI/NJ/HFD/WSH), but it's really the fringe teams that make you think. I included the rosters of main players, bolded the top 50ish, and added home/away advantages. I think this can be printed as a good reference. Having said all that, I've messed around with this enough and came to the point where my mind started turning into mush. So I'm sharing it now with the group to get your input, see if it makes sense, see if I'm missing something, etc. Thanks for taking the time to review.
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    I really also like what you did with the Home and Away. Including the numbers makes it easy to see for example that EDM vs PHI Match Home Ice will be huge +3 for the Oil at Home and +4 for Philly at Home. While a Dallas Vs Calgary match Home Ice will essentially mean nothing as it turns out as zero in either building.
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    I have a silly/ugly suggestion.. edit the WPG logo to add text that says "hurry or crash" or something like that.
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    How much can I love this post and chart! I tried to make something like this for Vegas that did get passed out and used, but this is a major upgrade. Incredibly well done! NOOOOOO!
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    Thank you as always skip and slapshot67, I am a big fan of your edits!
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    updated first post