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    That feature was not necessarily taken away, but may not work properly and which is why the original creator of the expanded ROM, @wboy, changed the text to "LEAVE OFF". You can see his comments about it here and some of the issues it was causing: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/2653-do-not-turn-on-in-nhl-07/&do=findComment&comment=11229 Nobody has since looked into that issue or updated for a fix. Every single mod since has basically been a byproduct of @wboy's work.
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    A few years ago, a few forum members talked about an unreleased hockey video game called Road to the Cup Hockey '94. This inspired me to seek out two of the game's programmers and find out what could have been: http://puckjunk.com/2019/03/28/road-to-the-cup-hockey-94-an-unreleased-hockey-video-game/ The game was being developed by Park Place Productions, who handled development of NHL Hockey and NHLPA Hockey '93, and was even intended to look and feel like the "NHL" game series. Anyway, I hope you find this article about "NHL '94's long-lost cousin" interesting and informative. Sal
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    For reference: And of course I never noticed "Per. Length" was changed to "Period Len."
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    Any chance that code is still around somewhere?
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    Hey all. These Facebook polls have sucked me back in. Gonna try to dig out my controller tonight wherever it might be and read up on how to do online gaming again. Would mean giving up an extremely unhealthy Pro Evolution Soccer addiction on xbox but we'll see what happens. Still have it on my bucket list to make it the US at some point for a King of 94 tournament. Hi to all the guys who were around a few years back....must be about 5 since I last played now?!
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    If you turn it on, use one of the last two (added teams) being VAN or WSH, play a game, then check the win loss ratios of the teams you will see that VAN or WSH percentages etc. will be wrong. This is because the game only ever made the battery backup expecting only 28 teams. The above is a simple example of potential corruption to the battery backup data. There may be more corruption when it goes to save player data for these teams? Over extended use, this could completely stuff your games save. It might work. It might not. I wasn't going to test it until the cows came home because the the team win/lose ratio stuff up was enough for me to work out it might not best to leave on the User Records.... that why you "Leave Off!" and no, I don't think I'll ever work out how to make the battery allocation bigger to support 30 teams properly...