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    Hey all, just doing the usual stuff working on my Dream League ROM, and I'm making a team of NHL94.com members. I have just about everyone from the leaderboards put into the game but I still need 10-15 more players. If you want to be on the roster, just give me some info and stats for your player and I'll put you in there. Thanks guys! Here are some pics of the N94 team so far. (Don't mind the ice logo, haven't put it in yet.)
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    In the Intro it says "Welcome to _____ (whatever city is the Home team). Except for Anaheim it says Welcome to Park and Philadelphia says welcome to PF Arena.
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    Every emblem except the Whalers is there. No Ron Barr, but otherwise almost every screen looks the same. Hartford is called the Hartford Canes in the game. The NHL now has the TM for Whalers and the logo, but at the time (2006) they did not. Ratings are the exact same for all the players just with phony names and numbers. Arena names are also missing. Whalers still have Brass Bonanza as the music. All the other music is accurate as well. Really cool.
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    Thanks for the offer, might need to find my feet around here first. I did managed to get a copy of NHL 96 what was still factory sealed since 1995 cheap recently so been playing with that recently lol
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    Welcome bud! It's a great day for NHL94, whatever your preferred flavor. This site is a great resource for getting connected to the online leagues, as well as for finding local tournaments, custom roms, rom hacking, and detailed team breakdowns from expert players. Let us know what you're looking for if you can't find it.
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    Hiya, New to the forums I found the site a while back, but a fan NHL games on the megadrive/genesis. how is everyone?
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    Registration will be up June 1st, 2019 Some things that are new for this year's tournament. 1. "Duke of 94" tournament. -> pick any team you want, auto goalie, no penalties. 5 min periods, no offside. 2. Single Elimination wild card playoff - If you do not win the required number of games you get thrown into a "last chance" to qualify for the playoffs. 3. Entire playoffs will be double elimination. 4. NBA JAM T.E. tournament added in at the end of the day. 5. I plan to find @clockwise and bring him there. #BucketListItem.