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    I have completed the longest match in NHL 94 history. A 120 minute match with 20 minute periods and a 60 minute non-sudden death OT period with the real-time clock mod and the real-time power play clock mod. The game stats are hilarious but it was truly epic. Crazy things can happen in a 60 minute non-sudden death OT period with real-time clock and real-time 2 minute power plays. This became a battle of attrition. The Penalty Summary is very very long, there were 19 penalties in the 60 minute OT itself, 6 of them due to Injuries. In such a long period I noticed some players started to slow down. I managed to play out this super long match over a period of time by using save states throughout the match and picking up where I left off. When you get into a 60 minute real-time OT it gives you an opportunity to test the statistical engine of NHL 94. Through my testing of this code, I was able to observe a cool scene never seen before in NHL 94 : The Ultimate Celebration : both teams celebrating at the same time at the end of a match : this will happen if a team losing by more than 1 goal scores a goal in OT and then you put back on the sudden death code after the goal is scored. The game will end with the losing team celebrating their goal and then the winning team will start celebrating win so both teams will be celebrating at the same time. I did that but then I went back to my save state and played till the end of the period.
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