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    BRUH goalie_control_patch.zip PM for anything you may be looking for, I tend to save lots of '94 stuff.
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    Thanks @clockwise. Am definitely hoping to stick around. Right now we’re just playing with an Analogue Mega Sg and an Everdrive, so no online gaming yet. The next step will be running an emulator (Kega Fusion?) on the Raspberry Pi that we just ordered so that we can play NHL94-2018 online. I figure it will be a another month before that comes together. Am having a tough time beating my brother when he uses Nashville against my Blackhawks. My players are getting over powered. So I think I’m going to insist on playing with penalties.
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    Great save. Now I need to find my fantasy team ROM with Wu-Tang Clan, Tech Support, Cosa Nostra, San Quinten Fugitives, Middle Earth Orcs and Vatican Holy Rollers, among other teams.
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    Actually, it's the most important thing to remember, and yet, so easy to forget. So good call... I learned this the hard way when I started creating custom roms. Good luck @LaTormenta! There are lot of good resources/instructional posts within this site as well as folks who are happy to address questions. I'll add another helpful tip... if you do run into an error or whatnot (so, you "hit a wall" as it were), when asking your question to the community, give as much detail as to what you were doing when it happened and perhaps, include screenshots. Having seen this play out here, over and over, as well as the fact that I work for a software development company, I can tell you that it's a challenge to help troubleshoot without details. Again, good luck! Looking forward to the end result!
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    Amazing prep Don't hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck on anything. #1 tip: keep multiple backups as you go, so if ever you realize you made a mistake, you can go back to an earlier ROM.
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    I agree it's unbelievable that someone could sell a nhl 94 rom you have for free for $60.