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    in theory yes, but in the reality of 30-40-somethings with other stuff to do than spend 100 hours trying to figure it out, no it's very hard to edit the code because it's not source code, it's the raw assembly code, without any variable names. figuring out just what code from 93 is the fighting code would be a lot of work to begin with. and then to actually copy the code over, adjust all the now-broken code links in the 93 code, and somehow attach the 94 code into the 93 code, and vice-versa.. and then also add all the sprites.. it's really really really hard. Supposedly the fighting code is still in there but disabled or perhaps chopped up. So that could make it somewhat easier, but still really really hard. The sprites are definitely missing.
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    Not with the editor i use and even if the were, I wouldn´t use it. Lot of the guys in the FA-list play in the teams outside NHL 95: Vegas, Minnesota, etc or in the AHL. I might still need them if they get traded or called up to the teams in the game.
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    New season, new update. Here you are. 19_4.DBX.rar
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    Don't mean to take any thunder away from @skip & @slapshot67 NHL20 rom (seriously, go download it), but I'm going through my old files and forgot about some of this stuff. All the skaters from the league on the site had their own stat pages with their ratings, which can't be displayed here, but I can share the hockey card scans. I cut out every skater and stylized them in the theme of the site. Some samples below: Anderson Whitmore Roy Hextall Sakic Olcyzk Roenick Yzerman Bure (Super Series - Moscow Central Red Army) Each team had it's own stylized login screen as well. The blog would rotate background images, too. North Stars login Blues login One of the random blog backgrounds that would rotate (half of Hulls' missing foot would have been covered by content) Also made a jacket insert for a Genesis box, and cart sticker for the game Have a bunch of stuff that I want to post, like the sprite patch so that this stuff is on the forums. As an aside, I just noticed that Wboys' hexaddicts.com was available for registration so I picked it up. Should be able to get the old pages back from archive.orgs' Wayback machine.