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  1. Finished my 40 games today. Thanks everyone for a really fun season. It was great to be back playing competitively online and I look forward to the next season and improving my skills in the offseason. I was worried coming in and taking a beating that after too many losses would suck some of the fun out but that was far from the case. Good luck in the playoffs all. Look forward to more exis in the offseason.
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  2. Congratulations on a great season in both A & B! As a reminder, both conference winners are the #1 and #2 seeds, followed by the next best 6 in the league. Minus 2 points for each DNP to get to total points, and then the seeds are by winning percentage. The DNP's did not affect the B league, but for the A league it was why AJ (likely) fell short of the conference win and dcicon missed the cut. Playoffs can start immediately. Best of 7 each series, 2,2,1,1,1 home/away. Higher seed has home ice. I ask that you try and get your series done in a week. If scheduling is an issue, just keep me and the league informed on Discord, PM, Forums, etc. As long as you are active and making and attempt to play your series, there shouldn't be any DQs. It's 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, and 4v5. A League 1. @corbettkb (Dallas) .725 - conference winner 2. @MikeGartner22 (Montreal) .625 - conference winner 3. @angryjay93 (Hartford) .774 4. Schmidt (Buffalo) - .650 5. @kylewat (Los Angeles) .525 6. @AtomicRaven (Detroit) .471 7. @wallywojo (Winnipeg) .359 8. @danTML7 (Chicago) .275 B League 1. @jmj (St. Louis) .750 - conference winner, also went 4-1 in regular season vs Montreal 2. @danTML7 (Buffalo) .700 - conference winner 3. Chris O (Montreal) .750 - lost H2H vs St. Louis for conference 4. @sonoffett87 (Boston) .675 5. @Thrillhouse (Quebec) .641 6. Mr. T (Chicago) .550 7. @AdamWoodrow (Calgary) .514 8. @seventieslord (Detroit) .425 Good luck to all!
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