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    Hey guys, This is IIHF Legacy '20, and it's the 2nd 'special release' from Slapshot67, KTup710 and myself. It contains 15 current National Teams made up of what would closely resemble the real rosters in a major world tourney, and 17 historic National Teams from different tourneys. The main ROM is a WBF-rom. The 2nd ROM (suffix noWBF) is a classic style ROM that does not include the weight bug fix. The ZIP file contains the excel sheet with team & player info. WORK: KTup did all the work on the implementation of logos, and he did some incredible work on the banners. Slapshot67 did spectacular work on the announcer, players cards, splash screen, game clock...even the IIHF trophy is there! I handled the uniforms, players, player ratings, lines, and selected the logos we used. KNOWN BUG: The game will freeze if you scroll through the USA'96 player cards in the menu screen. This is a known bug that affects the 31st team on any 32 team ROM, and is not currently fixable. Some Notes I've created 17 "Classic" Historic teams, with an added twist. You'll be able to play the Miracle on Ice (1980 USA vs Soviet Union), the 1987 and 1991 Canada Cup Finals (1987 + 1991 Team Canada, 1987 Soviets, 1991 Team USA), the 1996 World Cup of Hockey Final (USA vs Canada) and the 2002 Olympic Gold Medal Game (Canada vs USA). Also included is the 1998 Czech Republic team, first NHLers to win Olympic Gold. Including them threw off the balance of 16/16 classic vs current teams, but that's ok. Of these 17 classic teams are 6 National Teams made of the original 94 ROM's players, with original ratings. Some players had to be added to complete rosters, but the original NHL'94 spirit of these 6 teams is surely there. They're the Original 6 of this ROM :-) Players & Rosters I tried to make team rosters as accurate as possible, with jersey #'s and lines as accurate as I could find. I also tried to keep ratings "within the defined spirit and parameters of NHL'94". Keep in mind players may have different ratings in different seasons (ie. '87 Gretzky is the man, '98 Hasek is unreal, and Mario went virtually untouched from orig 94 ROM). Check out the excel sheet for more on player + team ratings. I needed to add some players to complete the 1994 teams, which is why there are players who were not in the game on those teams. Also, I know Petr Nedved actually played for Canada in 1994 Olympics. But, come on, he belongs on Czech, Czech needs players, and Canada is ok without NHL94's Petr Nedved. You'll notice on some of the Legacy teams that a players weight may have changed from their original '94 weight. I made a player's weight accurate to what it was in real life, except for the six NHL94 World Star teams. I left those players as is, Tony Amonte included. Amonte is a lefty in '96 and '02. The 2020 Rosters have significant updates from the 2019 Rosters. I've also updated the 1994 add'l players to be players who played in the Olympics. For KTup and Slapshot- we all hope you guys enjoy this ROM as much as the last one. -Skip IIHF Legacy'20.bin IIHF Legacy '20.zip IIHF Legacy'20noWBF.bin
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    I made a terribul terribul terribul video like 10 years ago with a remix: I go to the public events just to see someones soul leave their body when I setup a 5 pass one-timer... I just go for the bros, actually, and to hang out.
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    Good stuff, I expanded that section. Fantastic suggestion, I did just that. If you can let him know I'm using his guide as the basis for this one, that'd be great. I do want to give credit where due. Can be FB or email, whatever
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    Here's the link https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/63039-madison-wi-030715-tecmo-xi-apocalipps-now/page/13/?tab=comments#comment-432510 He went by hoigaard on boards, but his non nerd name is Ryan Krebs, I can connect you on the F book if you want, he's a pretty cool guy, I think he used to run the NY tecmo scene originally so he's in your neck of the woods. Love the swingers reference, I think that is the key connector to most NHL retro guys Nostalgia. I'd probably mention that movie right away. And i'd put your reference up near the top like "you're not going to win the tourney, even if you took the Kings to the cup against the computer with offsides off. LA is such a finesse team...." And then you could tie in Swingers again at the end as well with something like "So let’s enjoy the day to play some NHL’94, and talk about how you wish you could make Lil Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for super fan 99 over here"
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    My revision ( @segathon, can you let me know who wrote that in the original Tecmo? I'd like to makes sure I can give proper credit for this hijack). Comments/Feedback appreciated, I will post this to the social media outlets after a few days: Guide to Being a Sega Genesis NHL'94 Tournament Rookie Hello. If you're reading this, you're likely interested in signing up for the NYC NHL'94 tournament. Congrats! Many of you have played in live tournaments before, but there are plenty who have not. For those who have not, here are bits and pieces of collected wisdom for anybody making their debut. Before we get to the point by point gibberish, this needs to be said: You're not going to win the tournament. Even if you took the Kings to the cup against the computer with offsides off (LA is such a finesse team). You're still not going to win the tournament But, but, but, but... No. You're not going to win the tournament. There are probably 32 or so (give or take) of the 40 contestants whom you could look in the eyes as they arrive and tell them with a straight face "You have absolutely no shot to win this thing." (And that's not me trash-talking by any stretch). If you're making your debut and you're psyching yourself up and dreaming of raising the trophy, the faster you get that out of your head, the faster you'll actually enjoy the experience. "The experience" is the key phrase here. Outside of those 6-8 guys who could conceivably win the tourney, the real draw of the tournament is the experience of it. Until you see a swarm of people (many in their old hockey sweaters) surrounding CRT televisions for many hours, you can't yet appreciate the electricity or the excitement of playing in these games (this isn't you and Smitty from college drinking a 12er and playing a 7 game series on a Wednesday. Your heart will be pumping from the moment you arrive). Here’s a few simple goals to guide you on April 18: 1) Have fun. This is the most important! Have. Fun. There are around 40 pretty cool guys who all love playing the same game that have gathered together. Embrace that. Talk to them. Buy someone a drink, chat about strategy, past tournaments, yadda yadda yadda. The most important thing you should take away from the day when you wake up the next day was "Damn, that was a lot of fun." 2) Pay attention. So, you're a tournament rookie. You're not going to win (have I mentioned that yet?). But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to walk away from the tournament as a better player. When you're not playing, watch some other games. Ask questions. Check out the matchups you see called that make you go "Hmmm, interesting. I may try that one." Watch some of the better players in the tournament and pay attention to how they play. If you liked how some guy played and want to emulate their style, introduce yourself. Pick their brains, ask questions. Use those hours of '94 to take in as much advice (and booze) as possible. I guarantee you everyone will be excited to talk about the game! 3) Win a game. This should be the base goal of every player in the tourney. Win a game. 25% of the field will go 0-2 to start. It’s a mathematical certainty. But then you’ll then face another 0-2 player. And it keeps going as you have 5 games to try! If you win a game as a rookie, you should walk away from the day feeling proud, regardless of how the rest of your tourney played out. You will definitely end up playing some good games with people with similar skill levels. 4) Be a good bud. NHL'94 is a Gentleman's Game. Celebrate properly when something good happens, don't flip out when something bad happens. That's '94. We've all been there. Shake hands after the game and move on. Have fun. Both in playing the game and enjoying the surroundings. Hopefully this all helps and doesn't come off as too preachy. Just know that, as a rookie, the experience and atmosphere is the biggest thing you'll take away from this. So let’s enjoy the day to play some NHL’94 and talk about how you wish you could make Lil Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for super fan 99 over here.
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