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    Nice charts! I had actually forgotten about the whole divide by 3 thing. I definitely will sub a guy out if he seems cold and there's another decent guy on the bench. I only notice it when a guy who is supposed to have a hard shot shoots too slowly. I can't tell due to skating, though I imagine some better players can tell that.
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    So your grand plan to fight back against this massive global conspiracy is to disregard the advice of fellow Americans, expose yourself and others to the virus to what end? If you have doctors/nurses/front-end health care workers in your family - call them up and ask them if this virus is a joke. Then tell them your plan to knowingly infect yourself and spread it around, see how these front line heroes react.
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    Ah OK, I get you Those times where the CPU gets the puck in your zone and you know you're not getting it back until it's at centre-ice after they complete a tic-tac-toe quick-timer for a goal... that's a real thing. I have no illusions of ever breaking the record, but I need to work on scoring the gimme goals, especially dekes. Generating more shots/chances per possession, too, I guess. Get them Corsi's up.
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    In our seasons, this tends to be the most frustrating thing when playing against another player; it's like you have to just ride it out, and wait for that 'haywire' period to end. In previous seasons we had the "Home Adv" set to 'HIGH', and the "Away Adv" set to 'High'. It seemed like the 'haywire' stuff was worse. I set all the HAM's to 'Average' and it doesn't seem to be as pronounced.
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    There are people who swear by this, so I think so. I THINK I can, but personally I feel the overall momentum of the game is a much bigger factor than an individual player's ratings hot/cold, so I don't pay too much attention.
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    If I understand this correctly, the fact that the bonus is -9 to +8 has some deeper implications. Because you have to divide by 3 and round down, the -9 bonus is the only one that will get you a 3 adjustment. Taking that a step further, there really isn't a range of 18 different bonus attributes, but rather 6 possible adjustments (-3,-2,-1,0,1,2). Here is a chart that shows what the "under-the-hood" ratings bonus would be for each of the bonus values. I then translate it back into our familiar "0-6" rating scale to make it easier to digest. The percentages are the chance you have of getting one of those bonuses assuming each bonus has an equal probability of being selected. You'll note that there is more RED here than green (because of that -9), so you are more likely to have a cold player than hot player on any given game. Also, a super-cold player (-9 bonus) is the equivalent of a hot player (+6 -- +8).
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    First things first, Troy and Leif deserve a huge credit and thank you for making Edge of ’94 Midwest an amazing experience. Like many of us, I have loved ’94 since the days of playing friends over and over again on the console. To see the growth of the game through this website, leagues and online play, and now tournament competition is incredible. As someone who joined this website in 2005 and had the privilege of playing against many of the long-timers like AngryJay93, IceStorm70, EA, and Smozoma, thank you all for keeping the flame alive. Edge of ’94 Midwest was my first live tournament. Leading up to Saturday, I hadn’t touched the game in maybe four years, online or off. Upon signing up, I made a commitment to myself that I would dust off my controller and devote some time to attempt to knock off the rust. There was a lot of rust. On the day of the tournament, I met up with a friend with whom I have logged more ’94 console hours than anyone. Both of us are local. We grabbed breakfast in St. Paul and went over the teams and tournament tiers. It was starting to come back. We arrived at the Pourhouse at around 11:00 a.m. Walking up to the Pourhouse was surreal. Juxtaposed against the Uptown hipsters going about their Saturday rituals were the nostalgic sounds of ’94 – the checks, shots, goal horn, and organ music— all blaring out into the streets. I stepped into the bar and was blown away. Multiple CRT TVs in a ring at the center of the bar with consoles and controllers aplenty. On stage was a huge projection screen with Troy and the sound console close by. In the back, my friend and I discovered an arcade version of NHL ’94 that I had never seen. The bar TVs were even live streaming ’94. Once the tournament got underway, I was placed into a group with @AngryJay93, @DanTML7, DPS, and Eric. Of the four, I had only ever played AngryJay93 online, and years ago at that, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Feeling that I didn’t want to take any chances in my first game, I selected my most used team and went with Winnipeg against Eric. That paid off with a much needed confidence boost and a 7-1 victory. My second game against DPS played out similarly and I won 4-1. My third game in group play was against AngryJay93. I kept my delusions of grandeur at bay for the most part, until we made it fairly deep into the game tied at 2-2. Despite my best efforts, AngryJay then put up 2 more goals to seal the victory, 4-2, L.A. over Montreal. Playing AngryJay relatively competively after such a long layoff was the highlight of the tournament for me. Rounding out group play, I faced DanTML7. It felt like Dan controlled most of the game, and I was pretty sure that I would lose. Somehow I managed a last-minute goal to send it to OT, and then capitalized on a one-timer early on in the extra time. With that, I turned in my sheet to Troy having gone 3-1 in group play with a plus 8 goal margin. In bracket play, I was seeded against Tyler Votaw. @Votaw took the first game 3-2, but I rallied and notched shutouts in each of the next two games to take the series. That left me to face AngryJay93 in the final 8. He put up 5 goals on me with both Edmonton and Quebec, and I lost successive games 5-2 and 5-3 to end my run in the Genesis tournament. Troy’s comment to me at the tourney serves as a fitting endcap here: “Not bad for a guy off the street.” All in all, I had an absolute blast at Edge of ’94 Midwest. It was great to meet so many of you guys in person for the first time. Of course, I now have that unquenchable thirst to play NHL ’94 every waking second of the day again, and I have all of you guys to thank. So I will be seeing you on RetroArch and at future tournaments, from now until they take our controllers away.
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    So it looks like the mask to protect us is an N95 mask and not a N94 mask. Makes sense to me...
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    Hmm are you sure about that? I thought he didn't even match those. You tried it many times? I been slacking No mo mojo fo ninetyflo
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    Despite all the flack we give Ron Barr for not knowing who is hot or cold, he DOES report the information he is given correctly! He's just a broadcaster! What I mean is, when Ron Barr says a person is HOT, that person's overall reported rating is higher than baseline. When he says a person is COLD, the overall reported rating is lower than baseline. Ron didn't know that the displayed ratings didn't represent the actual in-game ratings, he just tells it like he sees it! I guess if you applied fix 1, he'd be right.