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    YO! YO! YO! I stumbled on this site looking for good 98 info and found some cool editing tools. Decided to test my might by putting together a 98/20 build. Huge tip of the cap to all the devs and hockey fans here. I feel at home. LETS GO BLUES!
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    Season 03 ROM: nhl94_rollinglines_03_final.bin
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    Hello everybody, I edited a version called "NHL 1990", based on the 1989-90 deadline rosters. Why 1990? Because it's the season of an underestimated acomplishment in my opinion. Edmonton winning without Gretzky, I mean, wow, that was something. And also because there was always a gap between some awesome productions, like these of clockwise, NHL 1991, and these of slapshot, from 1970 till 1989. UPDATE: new rom, some improvements on the rosters and photos, BOS vs EDM as main teams in the menu, player cards for starters from clockwise's NHL 1991. 2ND UPDATE: corrected introducting screen, thanks to @Jkline3. NHL1990.bin
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    Hey everybody, just joined up today but definitely want to give a huge big thank you to all the developers for their time and hard work putting these crazy amazing roms together! I never knew about this until a few days ago and wow..I'm seriously in hockey heaven!