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  1. Hi all, Haven't posted in a while, but just finished a fun project. Was disappointed with EA NHL's "all-time rosters", so decided to make my own. By no means are these the end all-be all for these teams, and a decent amount are based of favorites, but I figured this would be a fun project to take up. Some notes before you hop in: Players are all rated on a somewhat equal scale, I tried to model off of the EASHL player classes. Players were matched based off of NHL 20 player class, scouting reports, stats, team balancing, and my personal opinion. Every player should fall within
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  2. Issue 1: No Audio while ROM is playing BETTER FIX: dsound audio driver stinks. Please use the xaudio driver: MAIN MENU -> SETTINGS -> DRIVER Change the "Audio Driver" to "xaudio" (if you haven't touched it, this is the default setting). Start a ROM, if you have no sound, exit RA and install the following Microsoft package - Microsoft DirectX Runtime Package - NOTE in the 1.8.5 package, this is included. Go into the RetroArch-1.8.5 folder and look for the DirectX Installer folder. Run the application in there (need internet access) Once installed, start
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