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    Quarantine & Isolation Contest (QiC) Keepin this first tournament simple... Type: Single elimination bracket (no reseeding) System: Retroarch Discord: #qic-tourney Game: Best-of-7 (2-2-1-1-1) ROM: nhl94_playoff Teams: 25 TEAM DRAFT ORDER: 1 @SlapshotSean - Buffalo 2 @Joe - Detroit 3 @seventieslord - Chicago 4 @aepurniet - Calgary 5 @NotThatJared - Montreal 6 @scribe99 - Winnipeg 7 @jer_33 - Boston 8 @Mr. T - Vancouver 9 @flatcrusher - Edmonton 10 @chaos - Quebec 11 @AdamWoodrow - Los Angeles 12 @dcicon5148 - Dallas 13 @danTML7 - Toronto 14 @skip - NY Rangers 15 @LeifErikson - Philadelphia 16 @sonoffett87 - St. Louis 17 @Chris O - New Jersey 18 @Brutus - Washington 19 @MikeGartner22 - Hartford 20 @corbettkb - Pittsburgh 21 @Schmidt - NY Islanders 22 @zeppelin55 - San Jose 23 @IceStormNHL94- Ottawa 24 @kingraph - Anaheim 25 @angryjay93 - Florida See attached the bracket and some first round matchups of note... @SlapshotSean vs @Brutus • Slapshot wins the #1 overall pick based on his port forwarding to make the transition as easy as possible for Brutus (watchout for the 5-hole Slapshot!) @flatcrusher vs @chaos • Get to decide this one on the ice... flatcrusher: I see @chaos still higher than me.... @AdamWoodrow vs @Mr. T • Id pay a few cents to watch this one. Lets get through this team draft QiC and through this tournament QiC. All goes well, a second tournament split among A & B could be possible. THX.
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    This has taken far longer than I had hoped (save your work regularly ladies and gentlemen!!!) but this is what I plan to be the first of the six NCAA conferences followed by a consolidated ROM for the Frozen Four tournament. 2020 Atlantic Hockey.bin
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    My 8 yr old daughter's been racking up some NHL 94 hours in between her grueling 2nd grade distance learning curriculum...she won't touch her Sharks 'cause they're no good in 94 but she's turning into #16's biggest fan.