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  1. Thanks guys! I updated the pictures on the first post of this thread. RECENT UPDATES: * Skate colors on players on the bench match skate colors of players on the ice now * Stick color changed to grey to reflect newer sticks *Updated the "NHL 20" logo on the selection screen * Inserted "Jeep" and "Adidas" sponsors on the pause menu screen Work continues...
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  2. hey! i've been lurking for a while and finally decided to sign up. i'm phil, i'm from quebec city, and you'll get to know me better later on! will try and set up for a test game asap. see y'all around!
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  3. I am currently working on an NHL 20 production with professional-style graphics and a "user friendly" format. The center ice logo will be "EA" which means you can adjust the team uniform colors in NOSE and it will have no ill-effects on the center ice logo at all. The player cards will be replaced with "generic" pictures so you can also easily replace/update players in NOSE. This rom will feature updated nets, updated selection screen logos, updated bench coach etc. along with some beautiful pro-style graphics for the splash screen and intro-screen, which features the Bread man himself Ar
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