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  1. I make a ton of stuff just for my own enjoyment, but with the extra time at home, I thought others might be interested in trying something new. * This ROM uses the weight bug, and I strategically lowered a few players' weights to add more hitters to the game experience. I always thought that hitting with the lighter weight bug guys was just more fun. * Besides that "inaccuracy," the game includes San Jose, Tampa, and Ottawa because I work from the Original ROM. (I believe that other versions won't work on my Everdrive.) * It is made to play with line changes - with some fun hi
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  2. Wow that was fast! Much appreciated!
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  3. That's a fantastic choice -- same one I've been using for months. Well constructed, it will serve you well!
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  4. Welcome my friend to your new addiction. Buy this and you will have a happy NHL94 life.
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