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    I bet I'll get the #1 pick in nhl95!
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    EDIT: You can now sign up at http://www.nhl94online.com/html/registration.php?lg=79 Hi everyone, @chaos is working on some things and will get registration up as soon as he can. For the time being, I'll open up this thread. If you interested, simply just post below and let us know what league you'd like to play in. A league - You are an elite player. Your style is impetuous. Your defense is impregnable. And you're just ferocious and want to play against the best. B league - Your mom said you were good and you believed it, and you practiced hard and turned out okay. Thanks Mom! C league - You're just an all around good bud, we're happy to have you and you don't fit in the other categories. Just know that's all based on actually numbers for how many leagues we can have. Sometimes we go A,B,C....sometimes we have One A leagues and Two B leagues. Lots of factors go into it. It's a 40 game season plus playoffs. You're generally expected to play about 8 games per week and we leave it up to you to schedule games with opponents on discord. A 1.angryjay93 2.KentuckyWindage 3. Scribe99 4 .corbettkb 5.CamKneely2 6. MikeGartner22 7. NHL94OG 8. KyleWat 9. Schmidt A/B -danTML7 -sonoffett87 -Tess -bvish -Mitch Kramer(Chris O) -Mr. T -Thrillhouse B 1.kidswasted 2.dcicon5148 3.TDubs 4.McMarkis 5.jcariello 6.LeifErikson 7.aqualizard 8. seventieslord B/C -LABS_66 -Hot_sauce -Joe H -thatdrizzle C 1.BigValboski 2.Triple A 3.seamor 4.Recchinballz 5.DoubleDown 6.koke_45 7.JotaC007 8.Halifax 9. ffiscus76 10. lego 11. onceaguru
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    Pistol spoke the truth. I'm in for the B-League this summer!
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    I'll C myself down to the bottom division.
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    Sign me up for the eh league please
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    Gotta give Tex and AJ some company in A. 150 summer league slate just isn’t enough!
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    C/B - whatever works best
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    Currently 25-0-0 in my season that I just started (checks notes) a week ago. I probably need to pick a team worse than Detroit but I have to see this through.
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    yeah. C league (B is okay too if we are not enough).
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    Username: Chris O I am in for A league if they will have me. Not looking to win. Just looking to get better. If A is too tight, bounce me to B league
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    Definately C for me. If the league will be up next year too, you could think of the top 3 of B promotion to A and the last 3 from A moving down to B, like in European Leagues...
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    IN, tho I relate better to the C league description.
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    I am in. I would say B league. But I won't be shy if we need another A player.
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    C league please. If u need more for B I'm not shy.
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    I’m game, like to think I could run with the big boys in A.
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    I’m in for A or B, whichever seems like a better fit pending the signups
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    I want in! B/C for me. Wherever you need balance, it's all good.
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    I would love to play in the B league. Thank you
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    sign @ ELLIS up For B league
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    In please for me merci beaucoup pour A grouping and I will go where it’s fit
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    you've been crowned champion! thanks for comin out bud.
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    I would like in. I'm probably B or C.
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    IN! B/C......wherever I am best wanted/needed
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    I'm in! I'll go C league (working on Sega skills)
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    NHL95PC* is fun to play. @segathon fixed.
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    Sorry to hijack thread jer, but this inspired me to try and custom paint some controllers. Here's the result of my first two projects. While the designs could be better, crisper, I wanted to see how difficult this really was. Learned a few things, and they're definitely fun! I may try another if I get inspired again!