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    I love my everdrive. It’s caused me to sell most of my game collection. One thing you’d notice playing on real hardware compared to a software emulation box (rPi) is input lag. This is extremely noticeable in platformers. Real hardware just performs much better. Everdrives can add up in price. My new special toy is a MiSTer. It’s $150 for the de10 board, and all the emulators (cores) for it are open source and free. It is an FPGA based solution (like the Analogue products) and instead of emulating with software like the rPi does (or any PC emulator), the cores emulate with hardware. It uses the FPGA and programs it to act like the real hardware. The results are great. There’s a lot of different cores (the usual consoles, and even better, arcade cores!). Check it out. Playing the arcade version of games like SF2 are great. And more cores are still in development. one thing about everdrives, is they don’t have the special chips for some games (like super fx for star fox). So there are some games that are incompatible with it.
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    @kidswasted My thoughts on the Model 3 from last year, but the post is mostly about the Retro-Bit, USB repros. The Model-3 was made by Tectoy, a company from Brazil. They produced SEGA consoles in Brazil in the 90's and into the early 2000s'.
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    The Model 3 is an official clone console if that makes sense. It was licensed by Sega, but produced by a 3rd party, and even had its own 6 button controller complete with autofire options. It works with the 1st party 3/6 button controllers. It lacks the ability to work with the add on consoles like the Sega CD, but is region free, meaning you play foreign carts with it. It's very light and doesn't take up much space. I have either 2 or 3 of them, and they work great for tournaments. My major complaint is that due to their lack of weight, they are prone to moving. I run the Edge of 94 Midwest annual tournament. We use all 3 models of Genesis, with CRT displays, but use Analogue's Mega SG FPGA console for the main stream setup, which plays in glorious HD with no scaling lag. I'm not aware of any relevant tournaments using emulators for local tournament play, but obviously that's how the community does online leagues and tournaments.
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    lol je suis idiot. @chaos can you swap out the other 2v2 rom for this one in the retro arch package? This one is way better with all player stats boosted.
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    Yeah. Was pretty disappointed to learn that I couldn't play Super Mario Kart. Not that big of a deal since there aren't that many games that use the DSP and Super FX chips.