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    Season Schedule notes: The schedule is found in the following places for NHL '95-98: '95: 00008DD9-00009720 '96: 00013559-00013E9F '97: 000176BB-00017FCE '98: 00017A9D-000183AD The schedules for '95, through '98 appear to be in the following format: 1 byte to say the number of games on a day (including the 00's for the all start break), 2 bytes for each game, home team, then away team (Team bytes are in alphabetical order, from 00 for Anaheim to 19 for Winnipeg. Dallas is in alphabetical order, not the Minnesota slot). Editing the schedule works in '95 as long as you either: A. End the season on byte 9720, or B. copy the "end of season" code after 9720 to the end of your custom schedule (I haven't tested how much, but it works in my '94-'95 replay rom with about 64 bytes copied at the end). I copied the schedule from '97 to '95 successfully, adding some empty bytes at the end. A simulated season of 82 games went off just fine! I've had mixed results in '96. Division notes: The divisions are found in two places, and it appears both need edited to stick (in '95). At 0009D648 ('95), 00014286 ('96) and 000183B6 ('97) the teams are listed in alphabetical order from the Pacific, Central, Northeast and Atlantic (In '97 the teams aren't all in alphabetical order- Colorado is tagged on the end of the Pacific, and Phoenix is still at the end as if it was Winnipeg). At 00091918 ('95), 0001D9D58 ('96), 0001D0443 ('97) you find the # of teams in the Pacific, followed by the teams, the # of teams in the Central followed by the teams, etc. for each division. In '96 and '97, then, the # of teams in the Western conference, followed by the teams, and # of teams in the Eastern Conference, followed by the teams. It is was possible to swap team bytes in BOTH places to move teams around in '95. I could not change the size of the divisions without errors and a lockup. In '96 the standings screen would lock up with a straight switch (QUE/ANA), but display oddly if you only changed the lists at 0001D9D58. Other season notes: In '95: The month names on the "Games Today" screen is text that can be found in the ROM (Just look for "October"), and edited easily. However, the month on the team's schedule is a graphic, so the text change doesn't impact that. I have not yet found what impacts the player stats in simulating a season. I've been able to identify every byte but one within a team/player data (where you can edit players, uniforms, etc- most of which is done in nose). I am 95% certain it is coded somewhere based on a roster spot- (you can give the player in Ray Bourque's spot all 0 ratings, and he will still put up 100+ points in a season when simulating games), but I'm not sure how or where it is. I'm fairly confident it is not attached to bytes of player ratings and name. Where the offense/defense/home/away bytes are found in '92-'94 doesn't feel like it impacts season simulation at a notable level.
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    Hi All, A rom that I wanted to work on, for a while, is an update to the original/classic. A 1994 post trade deadline roster/playoffs edition, if you will. But, I also wanted it to have some of the look and feel of the original. It's important to note that some other folks have had a run at this concept rom, so I am not a pioneer. However, there are things that I wanted to do differently or, perhaps, be the first to do to the classic version. So, below is what you need to know about this rom. THE ROM * This is was created using WBOY’s 30 team rom. * It has the weight bug fix applied to it. I can also provide a version without it if requested (PM me). * The rom contains the 26 teams from the 1993-94 season plus the 1993 (Campbell & Wales) and 1994 (Eastern and Western) all-star teams. * It has the @clockwise helmet/sprite patch AND the original goalie crease, faceoff circles and no trapezoid. It does have coaches on the bench, officials in the penalty box area and the new red goal light graphics. A little of the old and a little of the new. NOTE: If you apply the helmet/sprite patch to any rom, it automatically assigns that rom the new/modern goalie crease and trapezoid. So, it had to be undone in this case. SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO @Jkline3 WHO HELPED "RESET" THE ROM TO HAVE THE ORIGINAL RINK LAYOUT USING HIS JEDI POWERS! He is a good soul who said he didn't want/need any credit. Well, too bad, you're getting it. You helped me with that particular request so that I could focus on everything else and make this happen. Thanks homie! * Unlike my recent/current season roms, I didn’t use the @smozoma patch for the edit lines rating bug/3 stars fix for this rom. I want to leave that up to folks to do themselves if they want it added in vs leave it like the original. * Unlike the original version, each team now has a structure of 14 forwards, 8 dmen and 2 goalies (with the exception of the all-star teams). THE PLAYERS * Much like my recent/current season roms, I added actual headshots of each NLC player. None have helmets or masks on, in their portraits. You get to see just how ugly these guys are and how bad the hair styles were back then (see Jagr, for example). I went with images circa 1992-1995. This was quite a chore to find these as the online images are mostly low rez scans. I did my best to clean them up. * Player Attributes are based off of end-of-season stats for the 1993-94 season. I edited all 624 players in one way or another. My 0-6 tier structure for attributes is very close to the original rom as far as distribution. I kept a side by side comparison spreadsheet when doing edits. * Like my modern era/current season roms, shot accuracy and pass accuracy are based on “per game” stats, not season % (as there is no season mode). Offensive awareness is based on points per game. Unlike my recent/current season roms, this version is strictly based on 1993-94 stats. I didn’t do a 3 year average as I do with my modern era roms. * Rosters are post-trade deadline. * As Cam Neely and Pat Lafontaine, to name a few, didn’t play in the 1994 playoffs, due to injuries, they are not in the active line-ups if you use line changes. They are, however, in the 5v5 NLC mode. * Several missing players and some rookies have been added. A name like Nathan Lafayette may not mean much to you but to many Ranger fans he made many of our hearts stop, in the third period of game 7 of the Finals, when he “hit the post!” He was not in the original version. THE TEAMS * Teams are ranked by the order of how they finished for 1993-94. Same goes for OFF and DEF team ratings as well as PP, PK, Home and Away. You can review these by using EARE. * Lines and d-pairings are confirmed as having been used, at some point, during the final months of the 1993-94 season and/or playoffs. A lot of research went into this detail which included watching a ton of old game footage. Feel free to change them as you see fit. * While jersey layouts don't mirror the actual versions, in several cases, the colors that I used are pretty close to the official team colors. I used two websites that provide official team RGB colors, per season, so that I could match them up (as much as possible) in NOSE. Helmets, as mentioned earlier, are corrected due to the patch. THE PLAYOFF BRACKETS * I included the playoff brackets for 1993-94. I also created a second set of brackets that include the ten teams that didn’t make it into the playoffs. THE ART * Center ice and team selection logos are the official team logos for the 1993-94 season. Unlike the original, the center ice logos are NOT stretched to add more detail. They are they official sized logos. * New title screen art. Hmmmm... I wonder why I chose this particular image? I hope that you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed working on it. It was fun to relive this special season. If you see any mistakes, please let me know. Cheers! NHL94 Playoff Edition.bin NHL94 Team and Player Ratings.zip
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    ROM: NHL95_34_Team_ROM.bin This is an editable 34-team ROM for NHL'95 (hack details in this thread). At this time, you can't play the season mode (it'll crash on player stats), but can create custom ROMs for exhibition play, or playoff play. I figured I would make this like wboy's tile molestor screenshots, but with text that you can copy/paste to make it a bit easier. First, in order for this to work in NOSE, you have to add the following text (and save) to the roms.ini file: [GM T-50856 -34] Comments=NHL 95 - 30 Team ROM OriginalROMProductCode=GM T-50856 -00 Teams=34 1st splash screen TM Offset: 1CE1D8 Palette (decimal): 1928696 2nd splash screen TM Offset: 1C4C6A Palette (decimal): 1890442 Title screen TM Offset: 18DAB2 Palette (decimal): 1657522 Title Screen Logo TM Offset: 195240 Palette (decimal): 1665216 Team Start Menu Logos They are all 4D6 (hex) in size, so you can use relative location in TM of 4D6 and press F5 to repeat to scroll through easily. 19A99C 19AE72 19B348 19B81E 19BCF4 19C1CA 19C6A0 19CB76 19D04C 19D522 19D9F8 19DECE 19E3A4 19E87A 19ED50 19F226 19F6FC 19FBD2 1A00A8 1A057E 1A0A54 1A0F2A 1A1400 1A18D6 1A1DAC 1A2282 1A2758 1A2C2E 1A3104 1A35DA 1A3AB0 1A3F86 1A445C 1A4932 Palette: 1723904 Size is 544 (12 x 34). Each palette is in team order 1-34. Take special note of colors 1-7. Team Center Ice Logos Each is 36A (hex) in length, so you can use relative location in TM of 36A and press F5 to repeat to scroll through easily. 1AE50A 1AE814 1AEB1E 1AEE28 1AF132 1AF43C 1AF746 1AFA50 1AFD5A 1B0064 1B036E 1B0678 1B0982 1B0C8C 1B0F96 1B12A0 1B15AA 1B18B4 1B1BBE 1B1EC8 1B21D2 1B24DC 1B27E6 1B2AF0 1B2DFA 1B3104 1B340E 1B3718 1B3A22 1B3D2C 1B4036 1B4340 1B464A 1B4954 Palettes will be the home strip offsets in NOSE. Meaning, the center ice logo must use the same palette as the home jerseys strips in NOSE. The location will change with any change in team data. I suggest anyone modding the ROM to change the strips/logos first before changing team data as the following palette locations are pretty handy. These will only work if you haven't changed the team data: 1733388 1734108 1734842 1735500 1736216 1736884 1737588 1738298 1738912 1739612 1740346 1741072 1741780 1742400 1743092 1743742 1744474 1745178 1745854 1746568 1747262 1747936 1748612 1749260 1749884 1750584 1751320 1752092 1752818 1753538 1754178 1754850 1755604 1756358 Menu Banners TM Offset: 142910 Palette (decimal): 1345168 Scoreboard Banners TM Offset: 1B4C6A Palette (decimal): 1810826 1995/2018 Stanley Cup Champions TM Offset: 197176 Palette (decimal): 1676822 Player Cards TM Offset (3bpp linear): A2C42 Palette (decimal): 663022 Each card is 36A (hex) apart, and they use the same palette, so easy to skip through by using relative Go To and F5 in TM. Starting with Team 01 through 34, each team has 6 cards - G, LD, RD, LW, C & RW. The names that are associated to these player cards are determined by the team best line, the line used when the game is played with no line changes (NLC). Thanks @wboy Music Table Offset: C60 Same as '94, each team has 6 music slots, one byte each. 1st # - face off music 2nd # - power play music 3rd # - 2nd period random music 4th # - goal music 5th # - penalty kill music 6th # - 3rd period random music If anyone wants to figure out the description of each music block, let me know. 30 - Let's Go Band 31 - Here We Go 32 - Charge 33 - 34 - Sabre Dance 35 - 36 - 37 - Beatles - They Say It's Your Birthday 38 - 39 - 3A - 3B - 3C - 3D - 3E - 3F - 40 - 41 - 42 - William Tell 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49 - 4A - 4B - 4C - 4D - 4E - Montreal (Halte la Les Canadiens sont la) 4F - 50 - 51 - 52 - 53 - 54 - 55 - 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 - 5A - 5B - 5C - 5D - 5E - 5F - 60 - 61 - 62 - 63 - 64 - 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69 - 6A - 6B - 6C - 6D - 6E - 6F - 70 - 71 - 72 - 73 - 74 - 75 - 76 - 77 - Change selectable teams 85EAB - Player 01 85EAC - Player 02 Change selectable teams for playoffs 85F92 85FE2 85FF0 87A14 Any questions, just let me know.