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    I might be biased but when I made the SNES WHA Rom I out guys in multiple teams. It’s a much smaller sample size but I gave those guys different rating depending on how they performed on that team. much like you’d give gretzky a higher rating in Edmonton vs Los Angeles.
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    Now, you are free from the shackles of your creativity. Go in peace and return a new man... and, return with this finished rom for Christ’s Sake! Lol
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    Gretzky was correct. It is that one. Hack was "officially" released the 30th of June, one month ago. That's just the patch. You are going to need Lunar IPS tool and the original FIFA Soccer 95 rom to convert into a binary ROM file. Best, TA Marcos Translations
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    What if kidswasteds is able to grant life and those players will be trapped in the ROM? Trapped in the ROM to play forever.
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    Maybe I’m misunderstanding the concern here... It appears to me that the hold up is due to being uncomfortable with the idea that a player such as Wayne Gretzky, for example, could go against a player such as Wayne Gretzky on another team/era. If so, shouldn’t you also be concerned that potentially some of your players are alive and will be facing off against some players who are dead? Or, is that more plausible? Sorry, couldn’t resist...
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    I say yes. This isn't greatest players ROM, it's a greatest teams. So to the extent an awesome player was on two different, but all-time team, I'd have them on there.
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    You already have my thoughts... But seeing as I’m not the one doing the work, who gives a sh*t what I think. Lol My food for thought was/is that If I’m a Oilers fan, for example, I’d be annoyed if I can’t play as Messier as he helped them win five Cups. As a Rangers fan, I wouldn’t play this without Mess as he is a legend for the franchise. Same mindset applies to several players. You’re doing the “best of” for each team so how do you omit some of the best players that define those franchise’s histories? Just saying... Doesn’t mean I’m right. Go with your instincts.
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    Maybe this? https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5285/
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    evan needs more love from you guys.
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    unfortunately when trying to pick up chicks at the bar to take home....that was my line up as well.