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  1. I was able to get most of the exhibition stuff done. Still need to figure out what I didn't log when it comes to loading the nameplates on the US Map. Right now it is loading SF and SEA for the AFC and NFC. I got the team text set up and need to tweak the US map highlighter but progress is progress. Will hopefully get a huge portion done in the next couple of days and then start the Season coding. I have the Helmet shells and logos almost figured out. Fingers crossed but looks like it will be doable in the next 2-3 weeks barring some major hurdle I haven't thought about.
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  2. In case anyone is following at home, my brother and I have completed season 23. I was victorious with Washington. We are playing a heavily modified juiced version of TSB 3. There was a more difficult version of juiced ( possibly super juiced), with tecmobowl.org gone, does anyone know where I can find that version of the game?
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