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  1. This is a list of '95 GENS ROMs that are found all over the forums. Links to the original source have been added to give credit to the creator/authors. This will allow you to see the changes as well as the content included. If I missed something to be added, please reply below and I’ll update this list. NHL95 Step-by-Step Classic ROMs NHL95 Original Rom by kingraph (original post) 34 Team Expanded Rom by kingraph (original post) Updated Roster ROMS 2021 by UltraMagnus (original post) 2020 by UltraMagnus (original post) 2013 by wallywojo (
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  2. MUTANT LEAGUE HOCKEY FANS - I started to tinker around with hacking this game again and figured I would share my findings as I made some significant progress. Ultimately the goal is to create a ROM that can be modded for future updates. I don't think I will expand the teams, but that may be something to consider for the future. This game is 2MB with no real extra room in the ROM. It uses up a ton of space on graphics data with all the animations, as well as text (there's a lot of descriptions, talking, etc). In theory I can expand to 4MB, but I know it gets tricky with the RAM space
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  3. Ill definitely do the CHL historic rom. Im originally from Montreal, and now in Mississauga so Im getting used to all the CHL teams. MLB great would be in the World Series Rom or the Triple PLay? NBA - This is going to happen, but might be a longer-down-the-road. I came across another rom Im wanting to dive into @Engelby77 presented to me (NBA Action '95). Its like NFL Primetime/NFL98. Which will give me a new project to jump into instead of NBA Live all the time.
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  4. That would be great, I know the big brains over at Tecmo made a ROM that doesn't flicker on NES emulator. Not sure how they accomplished that as the forum is gone now. I love both Mutant League games, but the hockey frame rate has not aged well. Also make sure not to offend @clockwise because Coach Wimpson was based on him.....
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  5. Very cool man. Thanks for your hard work on this.
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  6. One thing I forgot to mention in the above post... special thanks goes to @kingraph! He re-created the Blackhawks center ice logo as used in NHL Rewind. While I was ok with the one that I previously had, his is better and I "borrowed it" for my latest version (posted today). We chatted about it but I wanted to give public acknowledgment. Thanks bud!
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  7. FINALLY got the attributes done. Holy crap that was a painstaking process. Now I need to spend this week and next week on setting the lines. Then the ROM should be ready for testing. I'm hoping to have the ROM completely finished by the end of January.
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