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  1. Exciting news all!! 90% of the logos completed and all the QBs, money players as well and stats from this season for the QBs.
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  2. I've noticed that all of the NHL games have some art and code assets left over from previous games in the series, [using the previous year's Playoffs logo, having unused Ron Barr Hot/Cold commentary in non-Ron games, build note comments, etc.] but this one was a surprise. Took me a bit to realize what I was looking at, but getting near the end of the ROM data, it appears that while THQ was compiling the Genesis version of NHL 98 they pulled in some Madden assets. And just below that. Almost as interesting, [at least it's the same sport] but the entire title graphic from NHL
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  3. Use JoyToKey to map your keyboard with your gamepad. See the picture for an example.
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  4. Aaron Murphy is the main voice of hockey on TV here. Hitting a bit of a wall with rosters. Imported pretty much every player for 14 teams, but setting liness and kits is a bit of a slog. Give me a few days...
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  5. Well some exciting news. I have almost of the team logos done, the banners, splash screens and center ice. Is there a specific announcer you would want?
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  6. Since, this is the first time someone is diving into the SEEGA version, as the SNES has the updates already. Ive begun reverse editing the ROM and finding everything before jumping in. But have begun editing the players images and logos. Everything is coming together and found all the player ratings as well. I think this mod will be to get a version out there that is updated first. But with the ability to expand in future roms.
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