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  1. Alright, been plugging away at a couple rather large projects for some time, and needed a palette cleanser. Been a while since I've played around with the 30-team 94 ROM and man, it is so much easier to work with. So we have a fun opportunity to dive into the history. Presenting: Unlike other World Championships [which technically the Olympics doubled as up until 1968] there was no way of pretending that this could have been a contemporary release. However, last year was the centennial of that first Olympic hockey tournament... Suppose if last year wasn't such a mess, I'd have remembered to "release" this one then. Original Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace logo over interior shot of the Palais de Glace d'Anvers [Ice Palace of Antwerp] where all games were played. 7th Olympic games [Summer, there were no winter games yet] Dutch/French postcard fills in the splash screen nicely. Red Ensign vs 48 Star banner and ice markings. William Abraham Hewitt [yes, the father of Foster] was the honorary team manager of the gold medal winning Canadian representative Winnipeg Falcons team, but while there he still managed to fulfill his roll as sports editor, whose columns were printed in such papers as the Toronto Star and Winnipeg Tribune. This is also the first tournament for the Czecho-Slovaks since they unified the regions around the old country of Bohemia. Interestingly enough, at the time, the only markings on the unpainted ice were the blue lines and center ice dot. The referee at the time was just a guy in a suit. Occasionally in those early days, games were even officiated by the managers or coaches of other teams. While there was no painted crease in those days, it helped to scuff up the goaltender area. Also, the old box frame built net. Brought back the period correct "Zamboni" as well. In lieu of an ad, settled on an '20 style art deco clock. Had tried to rig the seven participants into a staggered playoff format. Annoyingly, despite how much I nerfed some unplayable teams to effectively create a "bye round" scenario, there was still a 25% chance that the horribly unskilled placeholder team would manage to get credit with a win anyway. So to spite the AI, having NPC teams play themselves to guarantee the bye was the way to go. That about does it. Olympic Hockey 1920.bin Update to remove superfluous bench players and anachronistic plexiglass. Olympic Hockey 1920 V1.1.bin
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