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  1. Howdy! For folks, like me, who enjoy playing a 3v3, I am posting such a version of my NHL94 2022 rom. About the ROM: * 32 Teams including Seattle. *The game features the ability to do 4v3 powerplays. If you want to do so, you must play with penalties ON (except offsides) and play with line changes ON. All skaters (minus goalies) have the position of D so that you can select whoever you want for your 3v3 combos or when you are on a 4v3 powerplay. * Penalties are 1 min in length. * You can now edit/update PP units in the game. In the past, because I would only show one Dman, if I had a second on the PP point, you couldn't see them in the Line Editor. You would have to download NOSE to see them and edit accordingly. To remedy it, I simply show 1 D and 3 wingers. This way, you can edit one of the 4 within the game. * Periods are 3, 5, 7 and 10 minutes. * Each team has 6 forwards, 3 Dmen and 2 goalies to chose from when editing lines. Feel free to change them as you see fit. Known bugs: * WSH/WPG Freeze Bug if you cycle player cards, on the Team Selection page, for both Washington and Winnipeg. If you use Kega Fusion, as an emulator, it will not freeze. * If your team has two players penalized, the powerplay becomes 4 on 2. However, since penalties are only 1 min in length, it shouldn't be a big deal. It adds to the excitement. LOL * Due to how the game must be edited in Hex Code, the checking line, when you play with "line changes on", becomes the top line ("Scoring Line 1). So, I renamed the checking line to say Sc.1 when editing in-game. The original Scoring 1 becomes Sc.2 and Scoring Line 2 becomes Sc.3 (with line changes on). I use the same PP and PK lines, for each instance, so I renamed them to PP and PK instead of PP1/PP2 and PK1/PK2. * The in-game line editor and team roster view, when line changes are on, sorts as Sc2., Sc3. and Sc1. for the 3 lines. Just keep that in mind when you do in-game changes. *If you like to watch intermissions of other game highlights, there is a "ghost" player who appears at the home team's 1st and 3rd period blue line (bottom right). It does nothing but stand still and players will skate through him. It is likely due to this ROM having 3 skaters (per team) as opposed to 5. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers! Pre-Trade Deadline NHL94 2022 3v3.bin Post-Trade Deadline/Playoffs NHL94 2022 3v3 vPO.bin
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